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DrupalCon Austin
02-06 June 2014
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alexpott committed Issue #2086463 by Jalandhar, cr0ss,...
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rlmumford committed Issue #2242001 by rlmumford: Field Complete...
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Robert Castelo committed Initial commit
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alexpott committed Issue #2182239 by Berdir, andypost: Improve...
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51.5063438 -0.2354957
Robert Castelo committed Initial commit.
-35.362146 149.0565177
-26.077741 28.2427458
44.9199244175388 8.62599688444484
lussoluca committed Added setMultiple method to...
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42.3411374 -72.599576
37.3831760961932 -5.9732349766693
nguerrero committed Fix grid display
40.440625 -79.995886
63.095094 21.616404
jgullstr committed Issue #2241879 by brandy.brown: Using wrong...
49.6 17.2
39.3 -76.6
45.7769127 8.779205
nicorac committed Moved implementation from hook_node_load to...
46.8068541 -100.7861614
48.856614 2.352222
Pol committed Adding more properties to the OpenLayers...
Drupal.org Response to Heartbleed Security Incident

You may have heard that a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library called Heartbleed or formally called CVE-2014-0160 has been disclosed and that it represents a potentia Read more

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