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DrupalCon Austin
02-06 June 2014
49.3 -123.1
51.5 -0.1
alexpott committed Issue #2089195...
34.052234 -118.243685
48.2 16.4
klausi committed Merge remote-tracking branch...
55.6973136 12.5944085
51.5 -0.1
alexpott committed Issue #2049709...
59.8730955 30.3306421
51.5 -0.1
alexpott committed Issue #2038707...
53.2360809 6.5578403
45.3714884954565 -122.809953765286
51.5 -0.1
alexpott committed Issue #2067127...
51.5 -0.1
alexpott committed Issue #2064557...
47.5050381 19.0362198
48.8474875 2.3723323
yched committed fix phpdoc
44.9 -93.2
48.8474875 2.3723323
yched committed remove ->entity
44.9 -93.2
48.8474875 2.3723323
yched committed Merge branch '8...
48.2 16.4
klausi committed Improved getOptions() method, anonymous...
Drupal 7.27 and 6.31 released

Drupal 7.27 and Drupal 6.31, maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. Read more

Drupal.org Response to Heartbleed Security Incident

Community Spotlight: Lee Rowlands (larowlan)

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Stark vs. Bartik
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i18n-7.x-1.11 and variable-7.x-2.5
Register Pesapal as a payment method
Issue #2175565 by hswong3i: Download Library with ckeditor.make for Simple Profi…
Add support for rate module.

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