Last updated August 16, 2012.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Drupal project! Contributors are Drupal's most valuable asset, and are the sole force behind improvements to the platform and the community itself. Please check out our project's mission statement and guiding principles so you can direct your efforts effectively and in line with the community's goals.

There are several areas in which you can provide assistance, listed below. Also check out the New Contributor Tasks section, which has step-by-step write-ups of tasks that are great ways for new contributors to get started.

User support

Even the most gifted Drupal developers were new once, and chances are someone has helped you at some point along the way. No matter your skill level, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users needing support. It's a nice thing to do, and who knows? You might learn something, too!

Find out how to help with user support.


Whether you're interested in providing fine-grained API documentation, writing step-by-step tutorials for the handbook, or producing multimedia screencasts to show people how Drupal works, you can help improve Drupal's documentation and provide a valuable resource to the community.

Find out how to help with documentation.


Drupal supports several languages, from Afrikaans to Turkish. If you know another language, you can offer your skills to help maintain Drupal core and contributed module translations.

Find out how to help with translations.


If you have a keen eye for detail, or even just a knack for breaking things, you can help Drupal with testing. Good testing directly contributes to the stability of the platform, and is an excellent way for people of all backgrounds to make a valued contribution to the project.

Find out how to help with testing.

Design and Usability

Have access to someone who's never used Drupal before or are new to Drupal yourself? Have specialized knowledge in web accessibility and other standards? Contribute feedback to Drupal's usability!

Find out how to help with Drupal core UX or visit the Drupal Usability group.


Want to help but don't have the time? Want to say "thank you" to the folks who have put work into making Drupal what it is? Want to ensure that Drupal's infrastructure stays healthy and strong? Why not consider a monetary donation?.

Donate now or find out how to help with donations.


Drupal thrives on developer contributions, in the form of both contributed modules and patches to core. Helping out in development helps the project move forward and stay competitive, and is the best way to ensure that Drupal can do what you need it to do on your next project!

Find out how to help with development.


Have an eye for design? Live and breathe XHTML and CSS? Contribute your knowledge to Drupal in the form of themes!

Find out how to help with themes.


Help get the word out about Drupal! Put your graphic design skills or marketing savvy to work in promoting Drupal and spreading the word!

Learn more in the Drupal marketing group

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