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8.x 21-Dec-2012 In-place editing for Fields
8.x 19-Dec-2012 All procedural drupal_array_*() functions are now static methods in Drupal\Component\Utility\NestedArray
8.x / 8.0 11-Dec-2012 {authmap} deprecation
7.x / 7.0-unstable-5 11-Dec-2012 .clear-block CSS class has been changed to .clearfix
8.x 09-Dec-2012 Guzzle HTTP client library added to replace drupal_http_request()
8.x 09-Dec-2012 Entity access API for a single entity
8.x 28-Nov-2012 'dialog' key added to (and then removed from) #ajax settings
8.x 28-Nov-2012 Path alias management is now pluggable
8.x 28-Nov-2012 Added Modernizr to provide client-side feature detection
8.x 27-Nov-2012 column replaced with user_data API
8.x 27-Nov-2012 Dialog API for JavaScript
8.x 27-Nov-2012 All collapsible fieldsets have been replaced with HTML5 details elements
8.x 27-Nov-2012 Route access control may be stacked
8.x 26-Nov-2012 User picture have been converted to image field
8.x 26-Nov-2012 Site specific customizations of user password hashing
8.x 23-Nov-2012 Flood storage functions are pluggable
8.x 22-Nov-2012 New Form API submit button property and CSS classes to denote the primary button in a form
8.x 22-Nov-2012 New Diff library in core
8.x 22-Nov-2012 _field_ui_bundle_admin_path() has been renamed to field_ui_bundle_admin_path()
8.x 21-Nov-2012 Toolbar module responsive layout update and API to add control structures
8.x 20-Nov-2012 "History" (last viewed / new markers) functionality has been moved into a separate History module
8.x 20-Nov-2012 New Footer menu as part of default menus
8.x 20-Nov-2012 Database creation at the time of Drupal installation.
8.x 19-Nov-2012 system_block_ip_action() has been removed from core
8.x 17-Nov-2012 Ajax API revised to be more self-evident
8.x 16-Nov-2012 theme_item_list()'s $items variable are either strings or render arrays now
8.x / 8.x 16-Nov-2012 Transliteration class added
8.x 12-Nov-2012 taxonomy_admin_vocabulary_title_callback() has been removed and replaced by entity_page_label()
8.x 12-Nov-2012 Modules/themes can alter the default, hook-independent theme template variables now
8.x 11-Nov-2012 New Serializer service
8.x 07-Nov-2012 New Datetime API
7.x, 8.x / 7.17 06-Nov-2012 Added hook_entity_view_mode_alter() to allow modules to change entity view modes on display
8.x / 8.x-1.x 03-Nov-2012 Completely new theme/template system: Twig
8.x 02-Nov-2012 Normalize.css library was added to core (reset.css replacement)
8.x 01-Nov-2012 New, separate, extended DrupalUnitTestBase for unit-testing functionality whose dependencies can't be injected
8.x 30-Oct-2012 Entity types are annotated plugins
8.x 30-Oct-2012 EntityFieldQuery has been rewritten
8.x 30-Oct-2012 drupal_set_message() only prints each message once by default
8.x 29-Oct-2012 Comment templates now provide an accessible link to the parent comment
7.x, 8.x / 7.22 29-Oct-2012 More Field API functions are allowed to act on a single field within an entity
8.x 29-Oct-2012 Polyfill for matchMedia added to Drupal 8
8.x 23-Oct-2012 _form_set_class has been renamed to _form_set_attributes
8.x 23-Oct-2012 Image style $style array is now an ImageStyle object (extends ConfigEntity)
8.x 22-Oct-2012 theme_pager_* functions have been removed
8.x 22-Oct-2012 Entities are now rendered by a view builder
8.x 22-Oct-2012 Content entity classes's interfaces should implement ContentEntityInterface
8.x 20-Oct-2012 Configuration entities (configurables)
8.x 20-Oct-2012 Support for saving and deleting revisions in the default storage controller and entity classes
8.x 19-Oct-2012 Filters should now define their filter type; check_markup() can optionally skip filters of a certain type
8.x 18-Oct-2012 Simplify JavaScript theme function declaration


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