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8.x 22-Aug-2012 The parameters for node_add() have changed
8.x 22-Aug-2012 Replaced $conditions argument on entity_load_multiple() with entity_load_multiple_by_properties()
8.x, 7.x / 7.15 19-Aug-2012 setUp() methods in test base classes split into multiple methods
8.x 19-Aug-2012 Removed has_js cookie
8.x / 8.0 19-Aug-2012 Usage of $term->name replaced by $term->label()
8.x / 8.0 18-Aug-2012 Core search now supports entity language variance
8.x 16-Aug-2012 Entity forms are now managed by form controllers
8.x 16-Aug-2012 Form API now allows for object methods as callbacks
8.x / 8.x 13-Aug-2012 Attributes and classes arrays have been combined together into Attribute object
8. 12-Aug-2012 entity_extract_ids() removed, EntityInterface methods can now be used instead
8.x 11-Aug-2012 Core install profiles moved into /core/profiles; custom profiles supported in /sites/all/profiles and /profiles
8.x 10-Aug-2012 Added multilingual support to the standard entity schema
8.x 09-Aug-2012 update_variable_set(), update_variable_get() and update_variable_del() functions added
8.x 09-Aug-2012 UUID support added for all core entities
8.x 09-Aug-2012 Removed entity_create_stub_entity() and concept of stub entities
8.x 02-Aug-2012 New simpletest class property $modules to enable modules in tests instead of WebTestBase::setUp($modules)
8.x 29-Jul-2012 Hooks exposing plugins have been replaced with true plugins
8.x 28-Jul-2012 Gettext PO handling refactored, OOP-ified and PSR-0-compliant
8.x 23-Jul-2012 Usage of $node->title replaced by $node->label()
8.x 18-Jul-2012 The parameters for module_list() have changed
8.x 18-Jul-2012 List module merged with Options module
8.x 17-Jul-2012 user_save() removed, use $account->save()
8.x 11-Jul-2012 element_validate_integer() and element_validate_integer_positive() replaced with number element type
8.x 07-Jul-2012 Renamed drupal_uninstall_modules() to module_uninstall()
8.x 02-Jul-2012 Site information variables converted to config system
8.x / 8.0 01-Jul-2012 Runtime node access system gains language support
8.x 29-Jun-2012 drupal_json_output is removed in favor of Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\JsonResponse
8.x, 7.x / 7.15 27-Jun-2012 Field forms are built with the same structure regardless of whether or not form_access() = TRUE.
8.x 25-Jun-2012 'clean_url' configuration setting removed; clean URLs are autodetected each request
8.x 25-Jun-2012 $_GET['q'] removed; must use current_path()
8.x 25-Jun-2012 Updated to jQuery UI 1.10.2
8.x / 8.x 20-Jun-2012 More flexible settings for node type specific language defaults
8.x / 8.0 19-Jun-2012 Much improved interface translation interface in locale module
8.x / 8.0 19-Jun-2012 Locked languages added, three new special languages exposed for language setup
8.x 19-Jun-2012 language_list() and language_default() return Language objects
8.x 17-Jun-2012 Entity change hooks now receive a separate $original parameter for the original entity
8.x 17-Jun-2012 Remove entity_label() in favor of EntityInterface::label()
8.x 16-Jun-2012 Removed the ability to use a custom entity load hook callback
7.x 16-Jun-2012 Options list callbacks now receive addition context
8.x 15-Jun-2012 $type parameter removed from entity CRUD hooks
8.x 14-Jun-2012 Core request handling system ported to Symfony2 framework
8.x 13-Jun-2012 XML-RPC module for XML-RPC functionality
8.x 12-Jun-2012 drupal_site_offline() has been removed
8.x 10-Jun-2012 Entity language retrieval moved to EntityInterface:language()
7.x / 7.15 10-Jun-2012 Entities now have generic language support
8.x 07-Jun-2012 Database select extenders are converted to PSR-0
8.x 06-Jun-2012 Role IDs are now machine readable strings
8.x 04-Jun-2012 MENU_NOT_FOUND/drupal_not_found() and MENU_ACCESS_DENIED/drupal_access_denied() replaced with HttpKernel exceptions
8.x 25-May-2012 Removed REQUIREMENT_INFO/REQUIREMENT_OK from most hook_requirements() items
8.x 25-May-2012 Increased system requirements


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