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8.x 10-Dec-2013 theme_system_powered_by() has been removed
8.x 10-Dec-2013 Added a rebuild script
8.x / 8.0 10-Dec-2013 The configuration system will not change data types anymore
8.x 09-Dec-2013 Node and comment ops links must be altered/extended using hook_node_links_alter()/hook_comment_links_alter()
8.x 09-Dec-2013 Aggregator no longer supports categories
8.x 07-Dec-2013 Per-user block visibility customization functionality removed
8.x 06-Dec-2013 New #post_render_cache property for Render API: personalization without breaking render cache
8.x 05-Dec-2013 list_themes(), theme_enable() and theme_disable() have been replaced with a new service
8.x 05-Dec-2013 PHP Super-globals replaced with Symfony Request object
8.x / 8.x-dev 04-Dec-2013 Function theme_exposed_filters() removed
8.x 02-Dec-2013 Audible star character removed from require field labels; required-ness now indicated semantically with ARIA and visually with CSS; HTML change
8.x / 8.0 02-Dec-2013 Language codes for original field values always match entity language regardless of field translatability
8.x / 8.0 02-Dec-2013 Content field translation settings are easily reversible
8.x / 8.x 01-Dec-2013 Supported formats and authentication are now defined explicitly per each REST resource
8.x 26-Nov-2013 image_dimensions_scale() moved to \Drupal\Component\Image\Image::scaleImage()
8.x 23-Nov-2013 Form error functions now require $form_state
8.x 23-Nov-2013 Image field default value has now alt and title attributes
8.x / 8.x-dev 22-Nov-2013 Migration API in core
8.x 19-Nov-2013 Theme callback in hook_menu() and hook_custom_theme() replaced by theme negotiators
8.x / 8.0 18-Nov-2013 New configuration translation user interface module added
8.x / 8.0-alpha4 17-Nov-2013 Theme registry is now theme.registry service
8.x / 8.0-alpha5 16-Nov-2013 theme_links() supports linking by route name
8.x 13-Nov-2013 FIELD_CARDINALITY_UNLIMITED constant moved to FieldDefinitionInterface
8.x / 8.0 12-Nov-2013 Entity menu_* annotation keys removed in favor of links annotations
8.x 11-Nov-2013 CSRF tokens now integrated directly into the routing/access system
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA1 08-Nov-2013 Introduced hooks to alter formatter settings element in Field UI
8.x 07-Nov-2013 EntityManager::getFieldDefinitions() replaces entity_get_all_property_info and entity_get_property_info
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA3 07-Nov-2013 The language fallback logic has been moved onto the language manager
8.x / 8.x 30-Oct-2013 theme('item_list') has a new 'empty' variable
8.x / 8.0 29-Oct-2013 Routes, tabs and local actions got title text context support
8.x 26-Oct-2013 drupal_*_form() methods are replaced by a form builder service
8.x 24-Oct-2013 Page callbacks converted to controllers
8.x 24-Oct-2013 Move Widget, Formatter, and FieldType plugin types to the Core\Field system
8.x 21-Oct-2013 Non reusable access checkers can be defined directly in the routing definition
8.x 20-Oct-2013 Modules and themes removed from core in Drupal 8
8.x 20-Oct-2013 The pluginBase class contains a t() method
8.x 18-Oct-2013 Dynamic routes can now be registered easier using the RouteSubscriberBase
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA3 17-Oct-2013 Drupal 8.x-dev will now properly download Drupal 8 (alpha) translations
8.x 16-Oct-2013 Introduced \Drupal\Core\Access\AccessInterface for unified access control
8.x 16-Oct-2013 \Drupal\Core\TypedData\AccessibleInterface is now Drupal\Core\Access\AccessibleInterface
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA4 15-Oct-2013 CommentManagerInterface for common functions to manage comment fields
8.x 15-Oct-2013 Configurable and non-configurable field types can be defined as @FieldType plugins
8.x 14-Oct-2013 Translatability can now be configured on any field
8.x / 8.0 11-Oct-2013 Quick string overrides are now in $settings, not $conf
8.x 09-Oct-2013 Entity Access allows to specify an admin permission
8.x 09-Oct-2013 Route access checker default mode is changed from ANY to ALL
8.x 09-Oct-2013 ConfigEntityInterface::setOriginalID() is now setOriginalId() and returns self
8.x 09-Oct-2013 DBTNG condition() and NULL handling have changed
8.x / 8.0-alpha3 07-Oct-2013 BreadcrumbBuilderBase is added to remove the boilerplate code from BreadcrumbBuilders
8.x / 8.x 04-Oct-2013 field_bundle_settings() has been removed.


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