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8.x / 8.0 23-Apr-2013 Configuration translations are now created based on community translations
8.x 20-Apr-2013 New RESTful web services module
8.x 18-Apr-2013 The token API is a service
8.x 17-Apr-2013 Use JSHint to validate JS patches, configuration provided
8.x 17-Apr-2013 taxonomy_get_vocabularies() removed
8.x 15-Apr-2013 Added support for testing the non-interactive installer
8.x 14-Apr-2013 timer_* functions removed in favor of new Timer component
8.x 13-Apr-2013 ip_address() removed
8.x / 8.0-dev 11-Apr-2013 'Hidden' field widget is added to Drupal 8 (then removed again in favour of form display configuration)
8.x 11-Apr-2013 $options argument for xmlrpc() changed to a headers array
8.x / 8.0-dev 11-Apr-2013 template.php files in themes are renamed to THEMENAME.theme
8.x 10-Apr-2013 Update to jQuery 2.0
8.x / 8.0 09-Apr-2013 Configuration entities save in site default language by default
8.x 08-Apr-2013 Bundle CRUD API moved from Field to Entity API
8.x 04-Apr-2013 Condition Plugin System
7.x, 8.x / 7.22, 8.0 04-Apr-2013 New "exclusive" property for installation profile info files to auto-select the profile during installation
8.x / 8.0 03-Apr-2013 Language support added to node access grants and records
8.x 31-Mar-2013 Aggregator processors and parsers are now plugins
8.x 30-Mar-2013 file_transfer() removed in favor of BinaryFileResponse
8.x 30-Mar-2013 Drupal.displace utility introduced to calculate viewport offset distances. Resolves positioning conflict between Overlay and Toolbar
8.x / 8.0-dev 26-Mar-2013 New FAPI property #pattern is introduced for native HTML5 pattern attribute
8.x / 8.x 26-Mar-2013 Updated to jQuery UI 1.10.2
8.x 18-Mar-2013 New way to determine whether an entity type, bundle or field supports translation
8.x 18-Mar-2013 DRUPAL_ROOT definition not required when bootstrapping Drupal
8.x 17-Mar-2013 Removed confirm_form() in favor of \Drupal\Core\Form\ConfirmFormBase
8.x 13-Mar-2013 IP addresses banned using the ban module will still be able to access cached pages
8.x 13-Mar-2013 drupal_anonymous_user() returns an object of type User
8.x 13-Mar-2013 Standard install profile: text formats changed & CKEditor enabled
8.x 11-Mar-2013 Form API Ajax now handled by D8 Ajax API
8.x 10-Mar-2013 Core and component plugins are context-aware
8.x / 8.x 08-Mar-2013 Page "delivery" system removed
8.x 06-Mar-2013 Added EntityStorageControllerInterface::loadUnchanged() to load unchanged entities
8.x 06-Mar-2013 .info files are now .info.yml files
8.x / 8.0 05-Mar-2013 Custom blocks are now content entities, in separate module
8.x 02-Mar-2013 FormInterface replaces form constructor, validation, and submission callbacks
8.x 27-Feb-2013 entity_get_info() deprecated. Use \Drupal::entityManager()->getDefinitions()
8.x / 8.0 27-Feb-2013 New configuration override and context system
8.x 27-Feb-2013 New entity field access control and hooks
8.x 24-Feb-2013 Allow configuration entities to have statuses
8.x 20-Feb-2013 Twig configuration settings and debug output
8.x 19-Feb-2013 Highly contextual help texts with Tour module
8.x / 8.0-dev 19-Feb-2013 Password security indicator can now be disabled
8.x 17-Feb-2013 translateable schema and query tag removed
8.x 16-Feb-2013 A drivers directory has been added
8.x 16-Feb-2013 Entity Query support for aggregated queries
8.x / 8.0 15-Feb-2013 Aggregator feeds and items got language support
8.x 14-Feb-2013 Now translation status and authoring information are available as additional translation metadata
7.x / 7.22 12-Feb-2013 The Field API's memory usage has been optimized (includes recommended changes to contributed modules to leverage the changes)
8.x 11-Feb-2013 Menu links have been converted to entities
8.x 08-Feb-2013 CKEditor module added: WYSIWYG in core!


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