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Accessibility, Design, Development, Front-end Development, Site Building, Theming, Usability
Malmö, Sweden
Usual project budget
$1500 - $5000 USD

Adaptivethemes provide design and theme development services and support growing selection of premium Drupal themes available to theme club members.

Adaptivethemes has a strong focus on mobile web design and making Drupal beautiful on a budget. Our aim over the past 5 years has been to cut the cost of building Drupal themes while increasing the flexibility, features and core capability of Drupals front end including mobile device support using responsive design, cross browser support, HTML5, search optimized code, color module support, leveraging RDFa and ARIA for improved semantics and a host of other baked in features to make it Drupal theming faster, more flexible and for a lower overall cost.

We currently supply Drupal front end services world wide and support a range of premium Drupal themes for our theme club members.
Malmö, Sweden
Ph +46 (0)709 600 416
Skype: jmburnz

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Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Extensive work on Drupal 7 core (mainly Bartik and Seven themes), contributions to Drupal 8.

Some of our contrib projects include:

Pixture Reloaded
AT Commerce

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Jeff Burnz, Themer

On for 7 years 11 months
Over 100 edits to documentation
Contributor to AdaptiveTheme, Genesis, Pixture Reloaded, and 24 more

Adaptivethemes, Design and Theme Development

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