Book listings on are open to submissions from the Drupal community. To add a book listing, familiarize yourself with the guidelines below, and then follow the instructions below that.

Guidelines for book listings

  1. Books must be published in English ( is an English-language site; for books in other languages, post them on your language community's web site).
  2. Books should either be published by an established technical book publisher, or be of similar quality, and they should have an ISBN number. If you propose a book listing from a lesser-known publisher or a self-published book, you may be asked to verify its quality.
  3. Books may be published electronically, in paper format, or both. But they must be actual books (not blogs, e-learning sites, entire web sites, magazine articles, etc.).
  4. When entering a description of the book, be sure to obtain permission before including copyrighted information from other sources. Do not copy/paste information from other web pages without permission. We do have permission from the Packt, O'Reilly and Apress publishing companies to use their book descriptions on
  5. The Drupal Association derives some revenue from "purchase this book" links on from book listings, and on all Drupal-related books from Packt. Do not post links to purchase books in the body of your book listing (if the book is only available from a specific site, use the Purchase Link field, and explain this in your issue).
  6. If a new edition of an existing book is published, a new listing should be created with the new information, and a note added to the previous listing about the new edition (update the book status taxonomy as well).

How to create a book listing

  1. Create a new book listing node (, filling in all the fields as completely as possible.
  2. Create an issue in the content issue queue to request that your book listing be published, so it can be shown on the book listings page (book listings are unpublished by default, until reviewed and published). If you have been given permission to publish book listings without review, you can skip this step.
  3. Follow progress of your issue. If you are asked to provide more information about the quality of the book, qualifications of the authors, or source of descriptive information, respond quickly so that your listing can be published. But be patient -- the reviewers of book listings are volunteers.

Get involved

Books listing is moderated by volunteers. You can help by reviewing listings.