HEIDI Software was created with the vision of a world where one can see possibilities even before they become obvious. Heshan Wanigasooriya, the founder of HEIDI along with his team of professional and highly experienced Drupal Engineers are here to provide you with the latest and innovative development service in Drupal. Believing in delivering the best and most innovative web development services at your door step, we can help you thrive. HEIDI client satisfaction proves our clients gratitude and integrity towards us. The professionals at HEIDI work as a team to bring your ideas to life.

We at HEIDI provide you with the cream of exclusive web developers who make it their solemn duty to help you achieve success and grandeur in your businesses work with your team. Having clients globally HEIDI is still continuously assisting several clients such as Platform Associates, Web studio and DuoFertility and many more pave their paths to success.

In addition to Drupal HEIDI has serveral years of working experience with Wordpress, Firefox, Social Appication developments for Facebook, iPhone, iPad and providing them with add-ons which are being utilized by an increasing number of applications everyday.

We provide consulting in a variety of ways depending on what our clients need such as Performance tweaking, SEO, Custom module developments or Security.

We are based in Sri Lanka and working as outsourcing partner, offshore team for major Drupal companies in Europe and US. We are glad provide more details about our outsourcing, offshore policy if your seeking for a partnership.


We are a featured Drupal service provider and one and only company based in Sri Lanka listed in Drupal Market place and we have the most talented Drupal developers based in Sri Lanka.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

We are the leading Drupal development firm based in Sri Lanka, one and only featured Drupal service provider in South Asia region.

We are strong that because we have the strongest and powerful and very talented developers. We found them through our Drupal community meetups and camps, that's one big advantage of being a Drupal group community organizer for Sri Lanka.

Look at what we have contributed to the Drupal community:

Octopusvideo video distribution :

and number of patches to other modules like