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This organization is a Featured services provider.

Since 2004 Ixis have specialised exclusively in the open source framework Drupal. With over 9 years of solid Drupal experience we have obtained a strong and diverse Drupal specific portfolio.

We provide a full service to organisations starting or moving to the Drupal platform: development, managed hosting, and on-going support. Commit to the Drupal platform in your business with confidence that we'll be here to support you.

Our work is often unique to a clients requirements - which includes working with specific organisational architectures, hosting set-ups and support workflows.

Public Sector

Ixis are an approved UK Government supplier and are listed on the G Cloud framework which enables the UK public sector to purchase the following services directly; Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services.

We are currently working with the British Council, Care Quality Commission and Bristol City Council who have purchased services through this framework.

As part of our ongoing commitment to knowledge transfer, we are working closely with the public sector to deliver an Open Source for Public Sector campaign. We have been championing Drupal as a leading CMS and explaining the process of migrating from proprietry systems. Through a series of workshops, roadshows and collaborations with government bodies and the OSS, we have been reducing the perceived risk of using open source and driving up confidence in the adoption of drupal.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Modules: Google Analytics, Return-Path, UberInvoice, Path Access, SMS Mediaburst, Skimlinks, Edgecast, Expire Alias.
Retired modules: Protx payments, Feedparser, Webform Block.

Contributed fixes to Drupal 6,7 & 8 Core.
Provide support on IRC and forums.
Involved in contributed module issue queue reporting, testing and debugging.

Sponsored events: DrupalCamp Manchester, DrupalCon 2011 London, DrupalGovDays London.
We were the primary organisers of DrupalCamp NW 2012 in Manchester.
Sponsored further development of existing community modules.

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