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Jeneration Web Development is a Drupal only venture owned and operated by Jennifer Lea Lampton (jenlampton)

Jen is a very active member in the Drupal open community and can often be found helping others in the #drupal-support channel on IRC. She organizes the hugely successful Bay Area Drupal Camp events at UC Berkeley, and was a core organizer for DrupalCon San Francisco in April of 2010.

Jen started using Drupal in 2006 while working for PagePoint Web Solutions in El Cerrito CA. Since that time Jen spent over four years working for Chapter Three in San Francisco, where she served as a Senior Drupal Developer, and also created training materials to help people learn how to use and develop with Drupal.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Jeneration Web Development is a Drupal company owned and operated by Jen Lampton, an avid contributor to the Drupal Company. To see the modules, themes, and contributions Jen Lampton has provided, please visit her profile page at

In addition to code contributions, Jen Lampton organizes Drupal events (DrupalCon San Francisco, Bay Area Drupal Camp) and participates in Drupal Usability studies, as well as rallying people together to work on the new theme layer in Drupal 8.

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