We need to improve the documentation radically in time for a stable release. One sentence in a readme isn't enough to describe what OAuth is and how to really utilize it to make ones web page better and more secure.


I would really love to help on this...
But I don't have time to go through all services source code: if you can just give me endpoints for oauth I just find out endpoints, I promise I write at least a simple step by step instructions to use this module to implement an oauth server on Drupal


love to see any progress in this issue...


What about using http://drupal.org/project/advanced_help for doing the documentation ? the same way views does ?

I was looking for documentation about Services 3 + OAuth (D6), but I have found nothing at all.

I would really love any documentation at all.
Currently I have not been able to get this puppet to dance. Once activated, each time I try to add a Twitter account to a user, the OAuth module send me to Twitter, gives me a PIN-code, but where do I leave that PIN code?

Moved to Twitter's issue queue.

@tammo, please have a look at http://drupal.org/node/1346824. The reason why you are asked to provide a pin number is because you have not set your Twitter Application keys.