Rather than putting jquery.cycle.all.min.js in with the other javascript files that belong to the module, would it be possible to instruct users to create another sub dir "modules/views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_cycle/js/jquery_cycle".

This would make it a lot easier to deploy sites and unzip the jquery cycle library into it's own dir instead of one that already exists. [At least for my use case when using drush make it would :) .] It looks like this would only be a minor patch to do this although I appreciate that this is probably also affects the 6.x-3.0-dev branch. If you are amenable to this suggestions perhaps the same could be done for the json2 library on github.

Here are two patches, one for each library.


It'd probably be better to move it to sites/all/libraries and integrate with Libraries API so everything doesn't break when the module is updated

agreed - sites/all/libraries or profiles/[profile-name]/libraries or however the Libraries API works

I am planning on moving to libraries, but I probably won't move to libraries api right now. Things are unstable, not just the modules status, in that module right now so I don't want to implement the api to just have it change.

thanks - what about the minor changes in #0?

I don't see any other changes than moving the libraries.

the patches in #0 are simply separating the libraries into different directories - they don't require refactoring to use libraries api

I'm still going to put them in sites/all/libraries but I'm not going to use the libraries api. Not necessarily how people like to do it, but I think it may be the best approach for now.

well, that works for me :)

will this get in dev soon?

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This patch changes it to sites/all/libraries/json2 and sites/all/libaries/jquery.cycle

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I went and committed this.

So you should put the files in

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This isn't very clean but better than nothing.

For those of you using drush make these are the lines you will need to add to your make file assuming your make file is in the profile/[profile-name] directory

; jQuery Cycle
libraries[jquery_cycle][download][type] = "get"
libraries[jquery_cycle][download][url] = "http://www.malsup.com/jquery/cycle/release/jquery.cycle.zip?v2.86"
libraries[jquery_cycle][directory_name] = "jquery.cycle"
libraries[jquery_cycle][destination] = "../../sites/all/libraries"

thanks redndahead !

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@thill_ it's not perfect. I don't think I want to completely reimplement libraries api. As soon as that's stable I will switch to that and then it'll be more robust.

I didn't mean to switch the status, sorry about that. I agree it is usable like this

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