so i have three vocabularies, set up with 1 level of terms each, and forum is acting also in this way, but the menu doesnt appear on the forum, but on the other 2 only.
i would imagine this is something to do with how the forum structure work??
but im also using url alias, but its pretty generic names like the other two.
any idea?


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I've tested on a sandbox Drupal installation, it works fine with forum topics. Which links do You have in menu? Did You enabled Taxonomy Menu Trails for "Forums" vocabulary and "Forum topic" node type? Which term selection method do You use? Please, describe Your problem with more details.

P. S. Sorry for such a delay with answer, I'm rather busy right now.

hi, thanks for responding.

perhaps i dont understand how this module is sposto work... for example im trying to use it now on a site where i have in the Primary menu.
then i have created a separate menu that shows on about/page1 with links to about/page2, about/page3 etc.

but the primary menu link does not stay highlighted. not using taxonomy menus btw.. however, all pages (main page 1, aswell as 'sub' pages 2 and 3) belong to the same vocab and term, and have been set with url alias to make that 'about/'.

im using onlythe 'page' type and have enabled that.

ill have to go back to the forum in a bit, thats on separate site, but it might help me understand that to if i can grasp whats going on here.

thanks for your help, much appriciated!!

Ok, I'll try to explain how it works. For example, you have some taxonomy terms placed in menu with structure like this:

  • Term 1
    • Sub-term 1.1
  • Term 2
    • Sub-term 2.1

and you have node Node 1 with Sub-term 1.1 assigned to it. Node 1 doesn't have its own menu item, it just has term assigned. So, if you're on page with Sub-term 1.1 menu will looks like this:

  • Term 1
    • Sub-term 1.1
  • Term 2

It will be opened showing you Sub-term 1.1. But if you're on page of Node 1, menu will be collapsed:

  • Term 1
  • Term 2

Taxonomy Menu Trails solves this problem, it keeps menu opened showing us term's link.

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