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I am totally new with this drupal. I am web designer. Here, I am testing with drupal themes "bartik". Here, I have copy paste bartik folder in same folder and had change folder name with hira and change in bartick.info to hira.info and change content on it's respectively but I am getting error while I log in . I saw such error message . Do any body know what was wrong with me. I am using using Drual 7.

Notice: Undefined variable: hide_site_name in include() (line 99 of D:\project\drupal\themes\hira\templates\page.tpl.php).



i had exactly the same problem here and complete system chache clearing helped me out.

Configuration -> Development -> Performance -> Clear all caches.

That solved the problem for me.

Subscribing. Clearing cache is only temporary solution. It also comes back for me whenever I revisit Appearance section.

Solved the problem for me too. I had just enabled a new theme prior to getting these errors. I made myself a post-it note to remind me to try that first before assuming there's a bigger problem.

Thank you for the solution provided and shared among all of us.

Same warnings over here, only I moved the copied + renamed folder to /sites/all/themes.
Right after clearing caches, the warning went away but reappeared on any subsequent page calls.

I'm having the same problem, with a fresh Drupal installation (and new DB). The warning reappears when I go to the Appearance admin page.

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You need to change template.php
Replace bartik (previous theme name which you copied) with the new theme name
bartik_preprocess_html should look like [new_theme_name]_preprocess_html

Wow, this is the first I've heard of that. Is it documented anywhere? It absolutely should be.

And do I change *all* occurrences of "bartik" in that file with the theme's name?

Thanks for the tip!

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Yes its documented in the upgrade notes and guide - in Drupal 7 you can no longer use phptemplate prefix for process or themeable functions, you must use the theme name. Someone was writing a subtheming guide for Bartik but I forget where it is, could be added there for clarity.

I was having the same exact error. Editing template.php to swap out "bartik" with my theme name worked. Oh, also flush your cache (Config->Performance). Thanks aimless!

thanks a lot for a moment, but my error still persist.

Thank you for the solution; it worked for me.

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Thanks for the tips ! I had the same problem and now it's solved :)


I got this error after copying Bartik to sites/all/themes and then starting to back-hack it into a new theme for myself. Never seen this before, but this is my first D7 build (although about 50+ D6 builds). To be fair, I haven't read any D7 documentation though, so I wasn't likely to have run into it.

This solved it for me;

Open your template.php in dreamweaver, or an editor of your choice,
Select "find all" and type in bartik,
In the "replace all" box put in your new theme name as per your .info file,
Hit "Replace All" (the editor will replace "bartik" with "themename" when it encounters it),
save template.php back to your server,
configuration > performance > clear all caches

Et voila, that did the trick for me.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

Worked for me. Thanks.

thank you so much :)

Thanks fro the help, its works fine..

SOLVED! This was the problem.
On Bartik (not sure if other D7 themes work this way): I changed the site name (bartik -> 'new name') in the theme folder name, in the .info file, BUT is necessary to check template.php file in the theme folder to change 'bartik' for the 'new name' in all strings where it appears.


Thank you!

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Welcome to the Drupal community! :)

Tom Geller * tomgeller.com * Oberlin, Ohio
See my lynda.com videos about Drupal

Welcome to the Drupal community!

Tom Geller * tomgeller.com * Oberlin, Ohio
See my lynda.com videos about Drupal

Thanks a lot men :)

Yes, replacing bartik with your theme name in template.php does the trick.

I have cleared cache and replaced bartik with my_theme_name in template.php, but still i am facing the same problem/warning.
Notice: Undefined variable: hide_site_name() in include()(line 99 of ...sites/all/themes/my_theme_name/template/page.tpl.php

You have to Change the
name = Bartik
in the .info file and rename it, and make sure you don't have any other .info files in that folder too.

Thanks, this worked for me...

I have GOT to remember to check here before losing hours on a problem. I gave up on my new theme for a few days because of this, then went back and tried it again, still no luck - until I simply searched for this error message here. I didn't know to change the template.php references to Bartik (and then clear cache again). Thank you!

Search first, it always works better that way!

And changing the bartik to my new theme name worked like a charm.

thanks - that got rid of my errors too

I had the same problem after using Notepad++'s Find and Replace in Files function. I tracked down all the occurences of "Bartik" and "bartik" and replaced them with my theme's name, but I only did the "Match whole word" search. You need to find the "bartik_" strings too.

And of course you need to rename your theme directory AND the .info file.

i ha this problem, upgrading the core and all the modules made the message to dissapear.

Thank u.. it very useful for me.


I did a global search and replace for Bartik with the new theme name and it worked.


Oh and don't forget to change the name of the actual info file too!