I just tried updating some modules through the Drupal interface. All failed, and they all produced errors like this:

The file permissions could not be set on temporary://update-cache.

This error is not useful because Drupal declines to tell me the directory path where the module is trying to be saved.

I filed this as a bug because unhelpful error messages are contrary to the usability improvements.


Component:update.module» file system

Where in the update process did the occur? Did you get prompted to enter your ssh or ftp credentials?

Component:file system» update.module

Oops, didn't mean to change component.

Never got prompted for credentials. It happened right after I hit the button to start the updates. That button was on the page that identified the modules needing updates.

I have the same problem. Is there any solutions?

Can you give a description of your setup? What are the file system settings (Admin -> Config -> Media -> File System). Do you have any messages in Admin -> Reports -> Status?

Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Setting to postponed (maintainer needs more info). This might be related to #1008328: Uniqueify update-cache and update-extraction directories to prevent "Permission denied" errors...

Please change status back to Active upon reply.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Active

This issue is about the error message, not the underlying cause.

All error messages should be helpful. Telling us something about temporary://update-cache doesn't help us diagnose the root cause.

This issue is not about making the error go away. It's about Drupal providing useful error messages.

Issue tags:+string freeze

See #605292: propagate failure during batches in update manager. Update manager is completely full of unhelpful error messages, since most of them are Exceptions being thrown deep in the bowels of the logic and propagated back up to the end user. No one rallied to try to work on this particular aspect of the Update manager before 7.0 shipped, so now we're in string freeze. It's possible we'll get more exceptions for fixing unhelpful error messages on the grounds that it's a usability bug, but I'm personally not going to invest any energy in patches like this until there's clear agreement from Drieschick that such patches will be committed.

You might have more luck turning this into a D8 issue and at least fixing up error propagation to be more user-friendly and helpful there.

Wow, that's a surprising usability omission given D7UX.

It wasn't really an omission. I kept bringing this up, and webchick, Bojhan, and others were well aware. The resources just never materialized... I can't personally do everything myself, and without outside help, I had to be very selective about what I spent my limited time on. Crappy error messages suck, but they're not as critical as totally broken functionality...


You can find the temp file directory in the Drupal File System Settings:


Try giving that directory full access. It worked for me.