Guys, there is something VERY wrong with the pagers part of this module. It does not work at all. I'm a noob and maybe i don't know much but after dabbling with it for quite a bit i can see that the pagers are not responding as it should with this module as it did on the previous version. If maybe i miss something out, please do let me know. Thank you all very much for this wonderful module.


Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Do you have a site to look at? What is not happening that is supposed to happen?

I'm hosting on localhost. Basically none of the pagers responded. I know this is of not much help but you tried it in D7 you can see that the pagers are not at all responsive. It does not even appear. A little further chat with the chatters at #Drupal on freenode, seems to vote that Viewslideshow's pager is not working for them either and they suggested using tpl editing.

Thank you for your prompt response.


I am having the pager issue as well. They work as hover, but not as click.

Yau are using D7 with Views and Slideshow 3?

I am yes. These versions with added libraries.

Views 7.x-3.0-alpha1
Views Slideshow 7.x-3.x-dev
Views Slideshow: Cycle 7.x-3.x-dev

You got the pagers to show up? How? I went thru the config many times. Even during my chat on the IRC, one of the friendly chatters just advised me to use tpl. Can you perhaps run thru me the steps you went to get the pagers to show up?

Here are some instructions on how to set up a slideshow.

In the settings for the slideshow, there are options for pager, choose the field you want to use as the title, it can be an image.

That still doesn't solve my issue of no click action happening, but I hope it helps yours.

I added a field specifically in the content type for the pager and redid the whole view. BMX, you are right, the pagers do show up but its not clickable and does not work in that manner to allow the user to page for the image/slide wanted. What i want to do is achieve the results like Any pointers?

Thanks guys.

Component:Miscellaneous» Cycle
Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Active

Hi There,

Here is the site as required. I've managed to reproduce the same behavior after setting it up online. Just visit,

Please advise, because from what was mentioned as well by bmx269, the pagers does nothing when clicked.
Thank you very much for all help.


Here is the one I setup., using the mouse action. This is a dev site, so bare with the unfinished look.

Click would be nice.

Mikh messaged me about the slideshow settings, so I decided to breakdown the whole slideshow.

Here is the overall screenshot of the slideshow:

then the next slide:

Here is the breakdown of the view, the slides are coming from a NodeQueue:

For theming I exclude display of all fields, except the body, then rewrite body as shown:

Here are the Views Slideshow Settings, larger so you can see the settings. I added all jquery libraries that are asked for.
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

Here is the CSS that I am using to style the whole mess. This is using some css3, and then the PIE behaviour to make it work in IE 7+ (

.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 {
position: relative;
top: 0px;
left: -5px;
width: 643px;
height: 380px;
background: url(../images/banner_back.png) no-repeat;
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 a:link,
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 a:visited {
color: #1a9fdf;
text-decoration: none;
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 a:hover,
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 a:active {
color: #fff;
text-decoration: underline;
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 .block-inner {
position: absolute;
top: 8px;
left: 11px;
width: 608px;
height: 337px;
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 .views-row-odd .rotating_body {
overflow: hidden;
z-index: 10;
color: #fff;
position: absolute;
top: 18px;
left: 18px;
width: 290px;
height: 290px;
background: url(../images/transblack.png);
.front #block-views-rotating_banners-block_1 .views-row-even .rotating_body {
overflow: hidden;
z-index: 10;
color: #fff;
position: absolute;
top: 18px;
left: 290px;
width: 290px;
height: 290px;
background: url(../images/transblack.png);
.rotating_body .inner {
padding: 2px 10px;
.rotating_body h2 {
margin: 0 0 0em 0;
display: block;
padding: 10px;
font-size: 16px;
color: #fff;
background: url(../images/transblack.png);
.rotating_body h3 {
margin: 5px 0 0px 0;
display: block;
font-size: 12px;
text-transform: uppercase;
color: #fff;
.rotating_body h4 {
margin: 0px 0 5px 0;
display: block;
font-size: 15px;
color: #fff;
.rotating_body p {
margin: 0 0 5px 0;
line-height: 120%;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom {
position: absolute;
width: 630px;
top: 323px;
left: 0;
margin: 0 auto;
text-align: center;
z-index: 20;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom .views-slideshow-pager-field-item {
color: #442666;
display: -moz-inline-box;
display: inline-block;
*display: inline;
zoom: 1;
padding: 3px 8px;
background: #d1cecc;
font-weight: bold;
text-transform: uppercase;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom {
background: #442666;
color: #fff;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom .views-slideshow-pager-field-item.views-row-odd {
border-right: 0px;
margin-right: -2px;
z-index: 10;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom .views-slideshow-pager-field-item.views-row-even {
border-left: 0px;
margin-left: -2px;
z-index: 10;
.views-slideshow-controls-bottom .widget_pager_bottom {
position: relative;
display: -moz-inline-box;
display: inline-block;
*display: inline;
zoom: 1;
margin: 0 auto;
text-align: center;
border: 5px solid #f4f8e6;
-moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #444;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #444;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #444;
behavior: url("/sites/all/themes/mytheme/css/");

This is not allowing clicking the pager still, but does still work well.

Assigned:Unassigned» Ciril Tharayil
Priority:Critical» Normal
Status:Active» Fixed

Hi Friends,

I have created a detailed tutorial about Views Slideshow module on Drupal7.
You can see it here, How to Create Views Slideshow on Drupal7?also please feel free to write comments and other issues you overcome while creating.

Best Wishes.

Priority:Normal» Major

Hey guys,

This problem is not fixed. The pagers do NOT respond if you do not check "Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover". I'm trying to make it as such that if visitors come on the page, they can choose to click on the pagers of which slide they want and not for it to change until the want it to. I understand that this is not a major problem to most. But i really want to give my visitors control over what they want to see. And this is kinda the most basic function of a paged slideshow right? Please advise if this will be fixed or just ignored. Thank you.


Category:bug» support
Priority:Major» Minor
Status:Fixed» Closed (works as designed)

First of all this is not a bug!

You yourself said, "Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover". Once if you enable this function your users can choose the slide they want by hovering over the slider thumbs, and the users don't need to wait till all the slides loads.

Also remember, if you want your users to see what they want you have to built it in the way it works for your users.

Best wishes.

Hi Ciril,

Isn't it weird that if that function was not selected, the module would not perform as expected? Isn't that the definition of a bug? Correct me if i'm wrong, but this isn't the case at all with D6 that i have been using so far. If i am wrong and this isn't a bug, can you perhaps demonstrate that this module works without the usage of the "Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover" feature?
Thank you.


P.S: Sorry, i'm just a noob trying to advance into D7...

Status:Closed (works as designed)» Active

This is still a bug I'm guessing I don't have the click action set up.

Priority:Minor» Major
Status:Active» Needs review
new533 bytes

Attached patch adds a click event to the pager item if the 'Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover' option is not checked. Please test :)

Elevating this to major since it's quite a deal breaker for slideshows.

Thank you Adam, you are a gentleman.


Edmund, thank you very much. Will try it soon as i can get my hands on the server. Am off site this week.


Status:Needs review» Fixed

Committed to 7.x and 6.x Thank you very much.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Is it possible to cycle thumbnails from bottom to top or from top to bottom instead of left to right?
I would like my slideshow to look like but the thumbnails would rotate.

Well, basically, if you want to do this, you must make sure your css for the pagers is not displaying it inline. That ought to make it vertical.


Hey guys see if anyone can help me.

I followed Ciril's guide and successfully added a slideshow, I'm just starting on D7. Was able to tweak the css for a bit and its perfectly aligned to my site and colors and all.

The problem I'm having is I can't find a way to display the pager as a field thumbnail of my images. Keep getting a background color block on the content control I choose. Wether is down or up it shows the damn color block :(

Latest version of all. Just started a new site last week.

Anyone been here?

Any pointers would help.

PS: Can't give you guys a link to the site yet. My hosting is not up yet. Hopefully soon.

You can use free hosts to try out...


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new69.88 KB
new36.08 KB
new24.4 KB
new53.86 KB

Please, help me to set up inline thumbnail pics. All was done as described by Cyril article at but I have installed a newer version of Views Slideshow (Views Slideshow 7.x-3.0-alpha1) and newer version of Views (Views 7.x-3.0-beta3). There are pics of Slideshow style options, Rows style options and Configure field options. Please tell me where I should see. I have pager as shown in the last pic.

Well first off, to have thumbnails that work right, they need to be cropped to the same size, otherwise it is a theming nightmare. After that it is CSS, and planning.

Remember, you can select a field to be the thumbnail, which means you can rewrite the field to include other fields / php.

Thank you for your help. First of all I made as you recommended to me. Resize thumbnails, in CSS code I set "display: inline;" propetry. But it doesn't help. The div in which was included bottom pager with class "views-slideshow-controls-bottom clearfix" can't be set to display:inline. What else I can do to have thumbnails inline?

I did it.

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)


Anyone here successfully setup the View Slideshow using numbering pager? I need to know how to theme the numbering pager as now they are printed vertically but I need it to be horizontally.


Hello, I don't really know what I am doing but.........

It seems that in views_slide.js on line 107 the Drupal.viewsSlideshowPagerFields.transitionBegin function is not being called.
I dropped an alert in there, and nothing happens.
This function to me, appears to update the paging field so we can know which is the active slide via the pager.

However line 121 - Drupal.viewsSlideshowSlideCounter.transitionBegin function does run happily, and so I moved the code to switch on active classes into this function.

Yes, I know it's naughty but it fixes my problem. Else there is no way to visually update the pager items.

So, is there a way to have this working without this hack?
Or is this a handy patch to get the pager working properly?
Or can someone who knows how this module works fix the issue a different way?

#27 @vlamor

i have exactly the same problem, on old views and old views slideshow everything works perfectly.

Just remember to turn off the devel module, cause it cause problem with views slideshow.

#34 @Bensbury

I also had the problem of pager fields not getting active classes.

I think there's a problem in function views_slideshow_views_slideshow_widget_info(). It encodes the javascript array using views_slideshow_pager instead of views_slideshow_pager_fields. This results in viewsSlideshowPager in methods lists, but in views_slideshow.js viewsSlideshowPagerFields is used.

I've assumed the correct name for the variable is viewsSlideshowPagerFields so I provide a tiny patch correcting this in views_slideshow.module.

@ #36 jmones

Using 7.x -3.x-dev

Applying your patch seems to cause an issue in the slideshow|settings interface.
I can no longer choose fields for the pager in the top and bottom widgets.

Did you apply any other patches from this post?
What version are you running?


@ #37 martinyde

Patch in #36 DIDN'T contain patch in #18.
It only addressed problem by #34
Target was against version 7.x-3.0-alpha1 (sorry for not having mentioned this)
I've make a quick look to current 7.x-3.x-dev and I've seen some changes in views_slideshow.js that might indicate this issues has already been dealt with using another solution. Didn't try though.


Best solutions guess is use JQuery,
here an easy exambe:

$(document).ready(function() {
     $(".views_slideshow_pager_field_item").click( function() {

when you press a pager it remove the class "active" and at the same time adds a class "active" on the clicked item.

so you have to use css :



This will work for clicks but not for when the slide automatically transitions.
To do that we'd need to hook into the where the function gets called which is what my hacking did.

I don't know how we'd target that function outside of the module via jQuery.
An alternative would be basing the jQuery action on something that changes when the slide does... like opacity or something but seems almost as dodgy as hacking the module.

Bensbury's hack is working for me too. Nice find mate!
It's definitely a hack though so probably not worth rolling into a patch for commit. Would be better to find reason why the function at line 107 isn't being called.
Thanks again,

#34 works a treat! Thanks mate!

My pager doesn't even show up!

edit: ok now it does, works.

Status:Closed (fixed)» Active

for me pager is not showing at all :(
I tested with latest ctools rc1, views rc1, latest dev of views slideshow.

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

I was testing with omega subtheme, after switching to another theme and switching back to omega, works, strange...

Status:Closed (fixed)» Active

@damiandab having the same problems, but that fix didn't work for me. I had to recreate the slideshow from scratch.

Status:Active» Fixed

marking fixed because it fixed for me, but only after recreating the view as I said above. fortunately it's not a live site ;]

I found that the Pager is not displayed if this Option is set:
Hide pager if there is only one slide

What I miss:
The Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover setting for the Controls-Widget (like at Pager-Widget)

Thanx for all the work !!

Status:Fixed» Needs work

Confirm #48 on project I'm working on. If there is more than one item and the Hide pager if there is only one slide is checked, then no results will be displayed.

No matter what settings I have I do not get a pager. Also how do I just get a numbered pager?

Confirm #48

Title:Views Slide Show PagerNo pager when "Hide pager if there is only one slide" is active
Assigned:Ciril Tharayil» Unassigned
Category:support» bug
Status:Needs work» Active

This thread is such a mess! There has been some fixes for earlier problems, so this should have been marked as fixed. But I'll change the title now to something more specific and if you have other issues, please open a new issue.

So, I noticed also that the pager doesn't show up at all if Hide pager if there is only one slide is active, and I have several slides. But I need this if there is only one slide, so I cannot leave it unchecked.

i had this exact issue as well and can confirm that UNCHECKING "Hide pager if there is only one slide is active" does allow the pager to show. Although i do see how this could be an issue for those who need this checked.

Status:Active» Needs review

The logics to decide if the pager must be shown is wrong.
It's defined on line 238 in

if (empty($vars['settings']['hide_on_single_slide']) && count($vars['view']->result) > 1) {
//show slides

This doesn't make sense. If the checkbox is checked, the value is 1. In this case, empty(1) returns false. So checking it shows the slides. And if it unchecked, it only show slides if there are 2 or more slides.

I changed it do this and that works:

= count($vars['view']->result);
if ((
$num_of_slides > 0 && !$vars['settings']['hide_on_single_slide']) || $num_of_slides > 1) {
//show slides

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.