Hi! I'd like to show a new Drupal 6 website: Autoscuola Valchiampo. It has been developed for a driving school and it is a simple Drupal website focused on giving useful information to the students and everyone who could need the offered services.

The key modules used are:

  • CCK
  • Views + Semantic Views
  • Imagefield + Imagecache + Views Slideshow (home page slideshow)
  • Draggable views + VBO (admin section)
  • WYSIWYG (CKEditor) + Better Formats
  • XMLSitemap

The template is a subtheme of blueprint but it has been customized here and there

Thanks to Themes-Drupal.org for the theme development and thanks to Realizzazione Siti Vicenza and Siti Drupal.it for the website development.


Really like the layout of your site.

Thanks WhoYas :-)

i like the template. is this something you are willing share