I am using the special menu items module and made the top level menu to be nolink (Products). How do I change the style to be similar to the rest of my menu items - Home, Contact Us

See - www.geoilocate.co.za



Not noticed this thread :)

You can use CSS like this (example):

#superfish ul .nolink {


I did something similar but easier, changed the nolink span to

<a class="sf-with-ul" title="" href="#">

...and it has the correct appearance.


I can confirm that the solution in #2 works in the Drupal 7 version of Danland. I am using Drupal 7.14 right now. Thank-you for the really nice tip, Antony! Ben

Glad to hear...

Where did you change the nolink span?

It is in the configuration of the special menu item module (admin/config/system/special_menu_items).
Replace "" under HTML tag for "nolink" with the one in #2. It should work!

It works great for me! Thanks,

My god! After almost a week looking for the correct code on CSS, the solution is #2!!! Using Drupal 6, a Zen variant theme and Nice Menus.

Thank you really very very much Antony! I love you ;-)

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Solution #2 works like a charm even in a not-so-famous theme (Biolife by Nood.org).