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Update: I think the only things holding a Drupal 7 port back are ginkgo, spaces, and the actual install profile. Anything else?

Spaces port issue is here: #946756: Port spaces to Drupal 7











I'll add my vote - really could use a D7 release of this -- it's awesome in D6, but I'm just starting out and don't really want to use D6!








Subscribe; I like the Drupal 6 version, but the flexibility of CCK fields and groups in Drupal 7 will add a lot to Open Atrium's application value.





Title:Port to Drupal 7Port Open Atrium to Drupal 7

This would rock my world. Subscribing. (Plus, changing the title in the interest of dashboard clarity.)










I am new to Open Atrium, and finding it very helpful. However, the updates and patches are complicated to apply when compared to other systems (like Joomla, Wordpress) that auto-patch. I am curious if a migration to D7 would simplify this? I have seen some patching solutions on late D6-7 generation. Comments?




subscribing, but don't believe it will be possible in the near future



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While I'd love to see such an upgrade too, a quick scan with upgrade_status shows that of the 43 projects that make up Open Atrium (excluding Atrium Features):

  • 5 have moved into core
  • 5 have stable Drupal 7 versions
  • 19 have D7 versions under development
  • 14 have no D7 versions at all

I doubt we'll see a D7 port until some progress has been made on the 1/3 of the projects that don't even have a D7 port, and the 1/2 that do are more stable.

Keep in mind that there are some modules that don't -need- to exist in Drupal 7, such as comment_upload (just add a filefield to your comments). Also, there are a few modules that have working patches in an issue - the patches just haven't been committed yet.

If you have a look at the list of modules that do not have D7 versions, how many of them were created by Development Seed and are now owned by febbraro from Phase2. I am still waiting to see if Phase2 are going to invest in the platform or if they just looking to make money off Open Atrium. I closely watch the issue queues for Spaces, Features, Context and few others and I have to say there is not a lot happening. When users post issues they mostly only get replies by other people in the community and Phase2 are largely quiet. Commits to Git are few and far between, patches from the community are not get reviewed much. I want to trust Phase2, I want to believe that them taking over all the modules Development Seed created is a good thing, I want to believe Open Atrium has a good new home, but at the moment I cant. Actions speak louder than words, and at the moment I cant see much action from Phase2.

Please prove me wrong, please invest in the platform you have taken over.

I think this interview gives a pretty good idea of where things are heading for Open Atrium: It confirms, btw, that there are no immediate plans for D7 release.

Also, that there'll be a stable 1.0 release is very good news:

My concern is primarily that there doesn't appear to be much of an effort by PhaseII to engage the Open Atrium and Drupal communities in improving the modules and features on which it depends.

I can't imagine that the departure of Irakli could have helped anything either:




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+1 keeping an eye on this. D7 would be nice but I assume it will take a while

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This is looking a little better since my last comment. There are now dev, alpha or beta releases for Features, Spaces, Context, PURL and Strongarm. There is still a long way to go, I think, but at least there is progress. Thank you everybody that is working on the D7 module porting effort.

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I also want to thank everyone that is working on the D7 module porting effort.

So far the modules that don't have a D7 port on d.o are these: ( work is done on ) ( Not needed because comments are entities, thus fieldable ) ( Not needed because users are entities, thus fieldable ) ( porting hasn't begun ) ( almost ready on ) ( porting hasn't begun, but I guess we can do without it just fine ) ( porting hasn't begun ) ( work is done on ) ( work is done on ) ( porting hasn't begun )

If anyone has some free time please head out the projects being ported and help out, or even better start porting the ones where porting hasn't begun!
Only a few left.... after the modules are ready we have to re-construct the whole thing and probably change a few things along the way, but it's a great distro and it's worth the trouble. :)

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add prerequisites

You have this marked as fixed but the code is still referencing Drupal 6 all over, unless you see a version I do not. ( work is done on )

I have been digging on the casetracker and found a port to drupal 7 here....
It is under development so there are dpm() functions (devel)

@dodden, huh? This issue is marked as postponed...not fixed.

@cweagans I think @dodden was referring to the list of modules I posted on #58 where I said that the porting of casetracker has begun.
Anyway, the point of my comment on #58 was that there are not that many modules remaining.

@dodden, we didn't mark it as fixed in the issue summary. It was marked as fixed on the issue that the summary links to. Complain over there.

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fix crayon


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regarding the modules - can some porting on OA start without including the functionality that those modules provide (casetrack+calendar mostly)?

Actually, I think that'd be really smart. The framework that OA provides without all of the group features is really useful. I think it'd be really cool to have a distro that configures og + spaces like it's configured in OA and nothing else. At that point, you could just start creating features and not worry about what OpenAtrium is doing.

@cweagans: So what you're suggesting would be a sort of Open Atrium Platform profile, that only includes the base Atrium features (Atrium, Atrium Groups, and maybe Atrium Members & Atrium Profile)? This seems like a really good idea, as it would allow for simpler creation of customized Open Atrium distros. If nothing else, it would certainly help bootstrap a D7 port. Moving to the Profiler library would also help with both of these.

Yeah, more or less. But it doesn't really even need to be an "Open Atrium Platform" - it'd be useful to anybody that wanted to have separate, discreet groups with different feature configuration on a per-group basis. I mean, instead of an intranet, you could build something like Google Groups or Github pretty easily. There's tons of other things that you could build with such a framework.

Regarding profiler, I don't think it's a good idea to have much of anything in the install profile itself. In fact, I'd like to see everything moved out of the install profile and into features. The "profile", in this case, would simply be a list of required modules/features.

Very keen to see OA in Drupal 7!

Any beta out for testing?

No, not even close.

Know any dates? Late 2011 or beginning of 2012?

The required modules aren't even ported yet. It'll take a pretty fair amount of time to have a viable product on D7, and I don't see that amount of time being spent on it between now and early 2012. I could be wrong, as I don't work at Phase2, but Atrium in D7 is less of a port and more of a rewrite/rebuild.

+1 for the minimal Open Atrium Installation. I also use openatrium as a specific-scope collaboration platform and I don't use any of the other modules that open atrium provides (case tracker, calendar, etc).


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maintainers of these modules, if you're watching this thread, please gimme a spec'd function to write. when it works, gimme another...

Has anybody started a sandbox or github repo in this department? I'll definitely be working on a D7 atrium-esque project a la comment #66, want to make sure something hasn't already begun for the joining of forces.

@lefnire, still waiting on the dependencies to be ready. If you're going to work on a framework like that, please contact me. I'd love to help :)

@ lefnire & @cweagans and comment #66, I definitely want that too.

Let me just remind you that open atrium is not a module but a collection of modules that are not in the control of the open atrium development team so if you want it to work, you have to bug/join the developers of the modules that are not ported yet. there is no need to fill this thread with requests.


+1 for porting Open Atrium to D7. Subscribing.

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See the issue that I linked to.

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Any news on the port? Can't seem to find anything about on the internets except for this thread.

Priority:Minor» Normal

Not yet. I'm sure somebody will post here where there's a port ready to go.

subscribe, when any installation related testwork can be done, please shout!

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If the casetracker D7 port is blocking the Atrium D7 port I'd like to pose the question: "Do we really need casetracker to be ported?"
Casetracker is clearly one of the most useful and heavily used group features. However, it currently doesn't really comply with Feature exportability anyway because the content type is hardcoded into the module. No CCK fields for status / case type. It shouldn't be hard to create a quick alternative. If we bypass casetracker and go Content Type / CCK / Views -> Feature, then all we need is an upgrade path / migration script to move all casetracker data to the new content type.

I realise this isn't the most desirable path. But perhaps it's a viable alternative.

FYI: there's also castracker plus, a remake of CT but 100% cck based ( the only problem is that it depends on driven #994240: Port Driven API to Drupal 7. We're using this for the moment, but we disabled most of driven since we don't really needed it, and we're glad with the switch from ct to ct_plus ;p

Welcome to the 1 year anniversary of this issue :-)

It's amazing that no progress has been made by now.

From what I understand, there has not been any progress for two reasons:

  1. Dependency modules have not been ported to Drupal 7.
  2. Phase2, the developers that took over the project from Development Seed, explicitly do not want to create a Drupal 7 port until "the time is right".

    Q. Drupal 7 is out now and stable. When can we expect a D7-based Open Atrium?

    At this point, there are no plans for a Drupal 7 release of Open Atrium in 2011. Because the product is stable and more widely used than any other Drupal distro, we have to be cautious to move forward only when necessary. There is a great deal of development happening on Open Atrium in Drupal 6 still, and we’re excited to see that. Many members of the community are creating features and contributing them back, and we see that as a positive sign that Atrium on D6 is a robust and viable product at this time. As with all of our products, we are considering the best time for a move to D7, and factors that go into that include migration of key community contributed modules to D7, community needs for a D7 product, and the availability and interest of the community to help contribute to such a build.

In one years time...

In one years time, I would expect that a Drupal 7 port would be released with very basic functionality.

In one years time, I would expect that the Open Atrium developers would work to port the most important dependency modules, like case tracker, to Drupal 7.

In one years time, I would expect many news updates, both in this thread, and on

One year is long enough

I suppose Phase2 expects the entire community to just sit and wait for them to decide when the time is "right".

I'm sorry, but that seems silly to me. Open Atrium is very useful to so many individuals, groups, organizations, and companies.

One year is long enough.

The Future of Open Atrium

If anyone is looking at this and still wants a Drupal 7 version of Open Atrium, I highly recommend taking the initiative to start working on a new Open Atrium-like project.

From a developer perspective, creating a new Open Atrium-like project would help move things along.

From a financial perspective, if you're highly involved in an Open Atrium-like project, you might find a lot of professional consulting opportunities as an expert of that project.

Further Discussion

If you're interested in seeing a new Open Atrium-like project, please continue the discuss in the following forum thread instead of in this issue:

While I understand that porting Open Atrium to Drupal 7 is important, it does not block basic usage. Open Atrium as a product still functions. Porting to Drupal 7 will not be a hard requirement until Drupal 6 is EOL.

That said, I personally prefer things that run on Drupal 7 because of the improvements made during the Drupal 7 development cycle. I'm currently working on a project called Droptracker. Droptracker will be a Drupal 7 based project management tool. It will be similar to Open Atrium, but more focused on developers (strong Git integration, "Projects" instead of "Groups", etc.). If you'd like to help with that, you can check out the project page or you can contact me and I'll find something for you to do. Over the next couple of days, I'll be typing up some of my handwritten notes and adding them to the Git repository as documentation.

There's also a Github mirror if you're interested.

cweagans, Your Droptracker project looks interesting. I wish you the best of luck with it.

Even with Droptracker, there's still a need for a Drupal 7 project management tool like Open Atrium that is not specifically focused on developers or Git.

It might be worth considering to build a Drupal 7 project management tool that is generic like Open Atrium, but has the flexibility to be highly targeted to a particular type of group, such as developers/git, via add-on modules.

Would that be something you'd be interested in doing with Droptracker?

I don't have any desire to create another product exactly like Open Atrium on Drupal 7, sorry. If you want a product like Open Atrium, then simply use Open Atrium :)

Droptracker will be built with the assumption that it's a tool for developers. Think Github. Git is at the center of almost every single feature on Github, and if it were any other way, then it wouldn't be as awesome.

Ah, ok. In that case you could take a look at Gitorious' source code just to get an idea how they work. It's in ruby, though :)

@cweagans: Does the world really need yet another project management tool? Why not the 'project' module? People moved to casetracker because 'project' was too mush for software projects.

The best way to help.... work on one of the modules used by openatrium.

Project is not on D7 and has too much extra cruft, and the difference is that I'm not going to be relying on a ton of extra modules to implement the functionality. It'll mostly be fields and views.

Open Atrium has it's use case, but mine is not it. I need, essentially, a self hosted Github without having to pay for Github =P

There's also

Making declarations that "one year is long enough" doesn't help. Coding helps.

Status:Postponed» Active

For those who haven't seen it, planning for a D7 port has begun in earnest:

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

I'm closing this issue. A port is in progress and this is just a big mindless issue that's not actually doing anything, other than spamming people who have previously subscribed. If you're interested in the port, please see the link in comment #108.

In addition, I'm closing comments on this issue. If you have a good reason for reopening it, please either open an issue in the webmaster queue or send me a message through my contact form.

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Making a modification to the issue summary to see if it'll force the issue links to update.