My query returns 3 fields: actual_capacity, min_capacity, max_capacity.(derived from 2+ tables)
I only need the record where actual_capacity IS BETWEEN min_capacity and max_capacity.
I did not succeed sofar. This is my resulting query, but I need to get rid of the apastrof's.
WHERE (( (node.type IN ('node_type'))

.field_xyz_value LIKE 'xyz%') // string
.field_cap_actual_value BETWEEN '
.field_cap_min_value' AND '
.field_cap_max_value') // numeric

So, can I use the 'table.field'-string in the value-field of a filter?


No you can't use it.

One way to do it would be writing a filter handler. See the api documentation which is part of advanced help which is in the help folder.
There you can provide any kind of logic.

It's worth to learn how to write handlers in general. You get even more super-powers on views.

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Nothing more to do here.

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Title:Filter with table.field as valuePass a query {table.field} name to filter?

Cross-posting: Issue #357082: Pull filter value from an argument? also implements an alternative source for the Filter value.
It could be used as basis for this request.