Where can I find a Drupal 7 dev version of the ajax_load Module? Does one exist yet?


I don't plan to write upgrade this module as I am focused on other projects. I don't know if it's needed in D7. Can e.g. ctools now do this?

I'd be happy to pass the module along to a new maintainer who wishes to upgrade and maintain for D7.

I'll throw my hat in the ring, i use this module quite a bit and would be happy to continue working with it.

mrjeeves: great! I've assigned you write access to the project. Please post issues and patches before making any commits. Please do any Drupal 7 work in a Drupal 7 branch. Feel free to do an incremental Drupal 7 update, that is, commit changes as you go, provided you've posted them here for review first.

great! i've just been talking with merlin on irc about this. it seems that much of the code can be replaced with d7 api for ajax. i'll post a few issues detailing the different ideas i have for features, as well as my more immediate plans for the d7 port.

Feels good to be back.

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ok, to prepare for the d7 version (which will basically be a simpler method of using standard jquery and still allowing the core ajax commands to fire), i have made a stripped down d6 version that relies on ctools. commits incomming.

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to prepare for the jump to D7, I have created a D6 2.x-dev branch. minus the patch we are working on here: http://drupal.org/node/999164, this branch *seems* to maintain full backward compatibility with the 1.x flavor of ajax_load.

Title:Drupal 7 VersionPort AJAX load module to drupal 7.
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Hey Chris, can we please have an update on any progress made?



I began work on a D7 version of the system but was halted by the lack of integration in the CTools issue queue when dealing with some of the methods used to merge ajax retrieved settings. This issue is still under review.

Thanx for taking the time to update the issue with the latest progress Chris.

...lack of integration in the CTools issue queue when dealing with some of the methods used to merge ajax retrieved settings.

Is there any specific issue filed for this that you can point us to?


hope that helps. The main reason I see this needed is that even though core in D7 has more robust ajax handling, it does not implement the command system from ctools fully that would give us the ability to publish "live" content.

Thanx. I'll be keeping an eye on the other issue.

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The D7 core Ajax system handles the tasks that Ajax load was written for, so long as the element being loaded has added JS and CSS via an '#attached' property. So, likely, rather than updating Ajax load, we need developers to use this Drupal core API.

Marking won't fix accordingly. Please reopen if you can provide a specific use case where the core Ajax system isn't applicable.

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...fair enough, can there be a note about this in the project's page. Thanx in advance.

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...stupid me! That's been already added in the project's page.

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...and now that I think about it, we'd better keep this in code and as a wontfix so that the link to the issue in the project's page can reflect the status as well. Sorry for the noise.