Hi all. I have a site ( built with CCK, panels etc) with a lot of content subdivided into a vast range of content-types.
However, I am not really happy with the theme, which is a custom drupal 6 theme.

I was wandering if it is worth the effort to upgrade the site as it is from drupal 6 to drupal 7 and to upgrade the theme.

Which brings me to the question: is there an easy way to export all content, content types, taxonomies etc. from a drupal 6 site in such a way as to be able to import it into a fresh drupal 7 site? Any of you have experience with this?

Thanks for any tips.


I have the same question. I have a number of methods tested, still unresolved.
node export and import did not work
Backup and migrate dit not work

Taxonomy, content types were so minimally defined in the D5 site I'm tasked with redesigning in D7 that those are best abandoned and redone from scratch in D7. How ever there are two content types that have a significant number of nodes that I would not like to have to manually redo. The D5 sites has an image content type containing no CCK fields.

I have little exp with D5. Was the Image content type built in to drupal at that time?

Thank you, for your time and attention.

David H. Eastlack

Have a couple of sites that would be nice to upgrade now that most "essential" modules are usable for D7. I'm not into any fancy or thousands of posts, just want to export a few hundred post containing the regular stuff and a couple of cck fields.

There must be some plain and simple way to do this?


Okey.. Im gonna try this:

Got the same dilemma here.

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue, although I have not tested yet this solution but this one can interest you :

Thomas Lepérou

Thomas Lepérou

I am about to migrate my d6 content to d7
Did you manage to do it using migrate module?

Also worth trying (Requires Migrate module from above)

Drupal-to-Drupal data migration

"migrate_d2d provides a framework based on the Migrate API for migrating content from Drupal 5, Drupal 6, or Drupal 7 sites into the Drupal 7 site where it is installed."

I'm using this right now and have had pretty good results so far.

Ian Bullock

I've used the Feeds module to load content from various sources into a website.

It shouldn't be too difficult to configure a feed to load content from one site (on Drupal 6) to another site (Drupal 7)?

The feeds module has allowed me to migrate my content and was easier to learn than the migrate module (although it seems like the migrate module is more "powerful"). This tutorial helped me out.

There are many ways in which to effectively upgrade your d6 site to d7. I have been through exactly what you are describing so I thought how I went about it may help.

My main site was originally built back in 2008 in Drupal 5. Since then it has been upgraded to Drupal 6 and now just recently Drupal 7. The site also has many content types, many custom views, and user generated content.

What I did was to use a backup of the site (so the live site was still live and un touched) I then carried out all the work from the backup on my local machine. I tried many ways of exporting, importing, migrating etc etc and in the end I still found it cleaner and simpler to Upgrade the site.

Have you tried running a copy of your site on your local machine and try the upgrade? My experience was once I had my site running the current Drupal version, sorting any other issues out are much less of a head ache than to try to import all your content into a fresh copy of drupal. Many of the contrib modules do have upgrade paths and as long as you follow the notes you should not have a problem. (views for example upgraded for me with no problems (some of my views have contextual filters etc, these also upgraded without a hitch)

I would recommend that after upgrading, use the schema module to help clean up and delete any old tables in your database (make sure you have run all the updates first and your site is working)

Like I say there are many ways in which to achieve what you wish to do, due to my site being rather complex I felt my experience may help with your decision.

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You successfully *upgraded* a Drupal 6 to 7? I've yet to be able to do this without a thousand errors, then again my D6 is formerly a D5 which I upgraded. You have no errors.

Yes, I have successfully upgraded many drupal sites from one major version to another. I do find that using the schema module helps to find problem tables in the database. You are also very welcome to check out my blog on how I updated a site from D5 to D7 here

Offering SME's Social Media packages & Drupal website services - www.mylocalelectrician.co.uk

That's nice. I've had schema installed for over a year and regurlarly prune my database. I still run into hundreds of errors when I try to upgrade.

I've also tried to migrate fields with Migrate, with massive and inconsistent failures, that is it's not the same things failing each time. I'm probably giving up soon because this is getting to be beyond ridic. I have a lot of CCK fields, and a lot of data stored in Amazon S3. I've also tired exporting data from d6 into a clean d7 install and must say I'm utterly confused as to where things are supposed to go, so if anyone has any pointers on how t do this, or scripting examples - NOT using migrate - I'd be much obliged.

It might be worth noting that I've ben using Drupal since 4.7 and never had an issue upgrading before. I migrated with a mysql script from PostNuke.

I am also having the same task