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I noticed that when a platform fails to be verified it is still available in the list of platforms that a site could be cloned too. Oops it probably shouldn't be listed since it's not a valid platform.

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So the issue here is that a failed Verify doesn't change the Platform status from Enabled. (Only platforms with status Enabled are shown in the clone/migrate forms).

For that matter, it doesn't change the status for sites that fail to verify either.

Not sure I want to change the status to Disabled, as it might take a site offline in some circumstances which might not be necessary to fix a failed verify? Not sure that it would in fact take it offline.

There's also no 'Disabled' state for a Platform (The only thing that comes close to it is 'Lock' which prevents new sites being provisioned on it.).

This makes a lot of sense (in that a site that is normally working get's verified and fails).

My issue was that I created a platform and it never was properly verified. But still Enabled and so I was unable to Disable it. In turn it ended up showing up in the available platforms list which is not ideal since it's not a valid platform.

My suggestion would be the following:

* Set state of platform to disabled
* Create new platform (either through make files or otherwise)
* Upon completion set state to enabled

This would probably solve the issue of dead platforms being around that didn't successfully verify properly. In my case I can't actually get the platform to verify ever and had to disregard it.


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OK, so if this patch gets in:

#1573162: Drush hosting_task_%task_rollback() invocations are never executed

Then we can actually add a rollback hook for when verifying a platform, so that if we found it failed, we immediately lock the platform so it cannot have sites created on it or have sites migrated onto it.


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Hmm...the patch in #4 may result in the platform being locked, and when the verify does succeed, it won't automatically unlock, which is a bit weird I think. This might need some other platform status, to indicate that this platform had been working, but isn't working any more.

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This bug report is against a very old version. Since all versions up to and including Aegir 1.x are deprecated, please confirm whether this remains a bug in Aegir 2.x, and post the results of any testing here.