Would love to try this module but it gives fatal error which crashes any pages the element is called from. Any suggestions would be great.

I have uploaded the video-js module from the site and properly extracted it as directions. Very simple, i think. But then again i cant get it to work. Thanks.


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I could not reproduce this report this with the 7.x 1.3 version of the module. Please test the most current version and report back if you still find this issue.

Version:7.x-1.0» 7.x-2.0-rc2
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I have the same problems !
in videojs.theme.inc at line 36 I have "if (!isset($codecs[$item['filemime']]))", but the $item is like

    [fid] => 63
    [title] =>
    [data] =>
    [file] => stdClass Object
            [fid] => 63
            [uid] => 1
            [filename] => Adele - Someone Like You - BRIT Awards 2011
            [uri] => youtube://v/qemWRToNYJY
            [filemime] => video/youtube
            [filesize] => 0
            [status] => 1
            [timestamp] => 1335685493
            [type] => video
            [rdf_mapping] => Array

I try to change $item['filemime'] with $item[file]->filemine, but I have to make this modification in too many places

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In what way do you invoke Video.js? I think you should have opened a new issue, the issue you are having is clearly different from the original one, which was closed a year ago. You can leave this issue open now.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Closed because of lack of response.