checksum would be MD5.
File structure would be css_[md5]_[md5].css
First md5 is the bundle, second md5 is the md5 of all the files checksum (md5s).

Rather than generating the same bundle for 10 multisites let one generate it and the rest use it. This is assuming that the 10 multisites will use relatively the same css/js files in the aggregate. It's an interesting idea, not sure how good of one it is.



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not going to happen any time soon.

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...coming from #1757536-30: Require settings.php to exist in the root folder and to explicitly opt-in for multi-site functionality where this issue was mentioned/linked. Sorry for changing the status, but "not any time soon" sounds more like postponed rather than "ain't gonna happen" that wontfix status states.

Title:Nutty idea: unified aggregate directory. Very useful for large multisites.Unified Aggregation Directory
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Interesting idea. I'll second that it probably won't happen anytime soon (I'm just tryin to get the 7.x-1.x branch to a stable release at this point lol), but I'll definitely keep this open for consideration.

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oops, didn't mean to change that one

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This is now "possible" with the latest code. Hasn't been implemented though. Hardest part is will be keeping the counter in sync. Will most likely need a file in order to do it.

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adding tag

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