It'd be useful for debugging if _autoload_registry_check_code() watchdogged when an autoload miss occurs. WATCHDOG_NOTICE seems like the appropriate level, since autoload is triggered as part of user-controlled class/interface checking logic (e.g., is_subclass_of(), instanceof etc.) and a miss therefore does not necessarily indicate a critical error.

Note that I've got an issue up against 8.x, which can hopefully also get backported to 7.x: #1091154: Watchdog autoload registry misses with level WATCHDOG_NOTICE


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Patch attached.

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dave@XPS410:~/Dropbox/Projects/drupal6dev/sites/all/modules/autoload$ git am 1091176-watchdog-autoload-misses-1.patch
Applying: Issue #1091176: Watchdog autoload registry misses with level WATCHDOG_NOTICE.
error: autoload.module: does not match index
Patch failed at 0001 Issue #1091176: Watchdog autoload registry misses with level WATCHDOG_NOTICE.
When you have resolved this problem run "git am --resolved".
If you would prefer to skip this patch, instead run "git am --skip".
To restore the original branch and stop patching run "git am --abort".

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Hrm, apparently that's what happens when I haven't yet authorized git/terminal to use my ssh keys in ubuntu. Once I did that it applied just fine.

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Awesome, thanks! Now tagging for a quick deploy...

And it's deployed. Man does views do a lot of class_exists().

Could this have a toggle available to optionally quit chattering? get tons of notices, looks like plenty of various views handlers need patchez,

Yeah, I'd tend to agree. I think it's pretty solid for D7 (where everything ought to be autoloading), but it is really chatty for D6, where it's a mixed environment.

could the toggle get placed at the tail of some existing admin screen (ie performance)? rather than adding yet another admin URL. [did a workaround with similar]

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Not sure if this is still desired.. but I made a patch with the requested setting.

It is added to the existing dblog admin settings form.

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Note that this isn't database logging - it's using watchdog which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the database. I'd probably prefer this as a hidden variable, probably disabled by default.

This patch is a cool idea to put somewhere though. Anything that can make a big stream of watchdog messages should have a way to dial it back in a logical place. nice!

I'm more than happy with a hidden var. Will update when I'm at work.

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As requested: changed to a hidden var that defaults to FALSE.

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Committed #16 with slight modifications to Git.

Rolled 6.x-2.1 for deployment on

Gotta love git :)

So nice to be able to easily see your clean-up. I had forgotten about the return value and variable garbage.

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