When the mobile user goes to view the full page (link is "http://[my site].com?mobile=false"), the URL changes briefly, but immediately reverts to m.URL - so it's not possible to view the full site from mobile with automatic redirection turned on.

I've tried setting the cookie to 0 - no difference. Everything else seems to work well and I don't think anything is set improperly - I do have an alternate front page for mobile (which works nicely) - any ideas? Thanks much for this terrific module - almost there, at least in my case!

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Ok, first time poster on d.o, fresh from drupalcon chi. I'm pretty sure this is going to violate some protocol since I'm actually on 6.x-2.1, but I'm having the same issue and I think I can help, so here goes. If anyone wants to chime in and let me know where this should have gone, please do.

I couldn't find any reference in the module code to a 'mobile' querystring variable. I did find a 'nomobile' in $_GET, with comment "// backwards compatibility with the nomobile parameter," so apparently this is old, but it does work. My [site].com redirects mobile users to m.[site].com. Mobile users going to [site].com/?nomobile=true successfully sets the cookie to redirect to desktop. [site].com/?nomobile=false unsets it, and sends back to m.[site].com.

Important note: sending mobile users who desire deskop to m.[site].com/?nomobile=true (notice the m.) does not work, since it sets a cookie on that domain, then redirects to [site].com where there is no cookie, so it redirects to m.[site].com which redirects back, so we have a redirect loop, which is nobody's idea of a good friggin time.

I tried setting the cookie domain (which my colleague pointed out sounds like cookie dough mane; who wouldn't want one) in settings.php to [site].com so that the cookies are the same and the redirect loop doesn't happen, but I haven't been able to get it to work and I figured my time would be better spent posting long-winded half-solutions on d.o. Bye.

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Well, saxdev, I'm not sure if it's exactly what you intended, but your post helped a lot. I had appended the query directly, without the '/'. With the proper string - it seems to work fine!

I will set this to "fixed" thank you one and all!

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OK - I spoke too soon - yes, you do need the slash, but saxdev, you are right on the money: your solution does work, while the instructions in the current documented do not - at least over here, anyway.

So, for dummies like me, if you're out there, here's what works:

With automatic redirection on (using domain redirection with "m." prefix), send users to the non-mobile site by setting the link to http://[site]/?nomobile=true

To return to mobile site, send users to http://m.[site]/?nomobile=false

Looks like that's working for me. Setting this to "needs review". Thanks a ton for this, saxdev and, of course to twom for a great module! You're all rockstars...

Hi all,

Thx for the feedback on the module. Currently there is some confusion with the nomobile=true functionality.

Some time ago, I decided to replace that functionality by a more transparent way of controlling the output.
You can now use

  • ?device=desktop => force the the device to be recognized as desktop
  • ?device=mobile => force the the device to be recognized as desktop
  • ?device=[device_group] => force the the device to be recognized as the specified device group
  • ?device=auto => reset everything and enable the normal behavior

This method allows much more flexibility and removes the double negation ?nomobile=false

http://drupal.org/node/459686 - see Force the user to see a specific version of the site (I updated the documentation)

I also removed all references to the ?nomobile method... It is hard to keep backwards compatibility :)

Let me know if you see any other issues, or improvements I can make in the documentation.

Seems to work nicely! Two small notes:

1. Old code (?mobile=) won't work and will need to be changed - no biggie.

2. I think you have a typo in the second list item; "?device=mobile => force the the device to be recognized as desktop" should be "?device=mobile => force the the device to be recognized as mobile" right?

Thanks, twom - rockin' module!

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yes, that was a type:

?device=mobile forces the device to be recognized as mobile!

Glad it all works for you!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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tried the latest dev and still doesn't work.

?device=desktop (try to force desktop version while using a mobile device) works for the first time, but then any link goes to redirection loop

?device=mobile (try to force mobile version when using a desktop) have no effect at all

Title:Appending ?mobile=false to URL seems to have no effectAppending ?device=desktop to URL seems to have no effect
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My problem seems to be caused by the "REQUEST_TIME", this is not defined on my server, so the cookie always expires and never get set.

It looks like this constant is introduced in Drupal 7 but not available in Drupal 6.

I changed it to use "$_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME']", as attached.

Does this setting get done in the admin url area? Not sure where to place it.


I'm encountering some problems with dev version:

On a desktop:
When I browse my site using ?device=mobile, I see the mobile version as it should.
If I use ?device=desktop, I see the desktop version.
If I use ?device=auto, I see the desktop version.
If I use no argument, I always see the mobile version, even on a desktop computer.

I think there is a problem with the cookie setting, I don't have time to dig up the code right now, but the dev version is clearly not usable. (I took it because I had this bug #1105750: Call to undefined function url())

@yang_yi_cn: I think your patch is now useless, they are using time() in place of $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] in the dev version.

This issue seems to still be relevant.

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We are using the stable version but when clicking on the view full site it goes to the full site unless user clicks a link at which time it takes them back to the mobile site.

If "Switch theme based on the URL" is checked then this isnt working.

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Title:Appending ?device=desktop to URL seems to have no effectAppending ?device=desktop multiple google indexes

our redirections are working perfectly with the ?device= variable. we have links in the footer on our desktop and mobile themes that will allow the user to force-switch the theme ... however ... google has taken it upon themselves to index 3 versions of the same page:

for instance:

are all 3 indexed as separate pages. is there a way to hide the appended variable or some way to prohibit indexing the variabled url?