Libraries versions were not updated to match what the module currently replaces (1.51 for jQuery and 1.8.11 for jQuery UI).

Patch coming up.


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Contents of this patch:
- update versions for jQuery and jQuery UI
- update hook comments to D7 style
- move jquery.cookie.js to misc (there's no reason for it to stay in ui/external)
- update jquery.cookie.js version string to latest revision from github, since it doesn't have a proper release name

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@amateescu jQuery cookie is distributed with jQuery UI, along with some other scripts, in the external directory. Keeping the external directory up to date is easy. I don't know that we should move jquery.cookie.js out of there even if we have a misc directory. I'm open to convincing. But, it's about maintainability.

The other updates were committed, nice catch.

@mfer, you're right :)

I saw that jquery.cookie.js is included by core in the misc directory so I thought we should also place it there, but keeping in sync with what is distributed with jQuery UI is better.

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Some of the changes from #1 were not commited (the hook comments), so here's another patch which fixes those comments and changes all occurrences of $javascript with $libraries, as defined in hook_library_alter().

Also, we should update $libraries['jquery.cookie'] not $libraries['cookie']. This change is included as well.

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This has been fixed. The only hold up in releasing 7.x-2.x (and pushing the code up to d.o) is to test jQuery 1.5.2 on Google CDN. Still waiting for them to push it up.

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@mfer, the patch from #4 is different that the one in #1, and i don't see any commit for this one.. maybe you forgot to push it?

Anyway, after, this needs a reroll.

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@amateescu I had not pushed up all my changes. I was waiting until the Google Libraries CDN had 1.5.2 on it to push up the changes. They are up now along with version 7.x-2.2.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.