Hi, after 5 successful sub-themes with Omega 2.1 on D7, this is my first attempt at an Omega 1.0 theme on D6, I've found a significant layout bug that renders the theme w/sidebar unusable on first use. In short, the DIVs are not nested properly in page.tpl.php

file: page.tpl.php
line: 130 "</div><!-- /#main-wrapper -->"
move this line to line #142 (after the sidebar_last, before "</div><!-- /#main-content-container -->") and all is fixed.

To confirm and reproduce the issue I created a new sub-theme via drush omega-subtheme "test_omega" xhtml, enabled test_omega as my default theme, and added some blocks to the sidebar. This causes the sidebars to drop below the main-content-container. Moving line #130 as mentioned above will fix the layout problem. Contact me with any questions or further clarification. I've been a web developer for 15 years, but I'm a newbie to Drupal. I would love to toss my hat in as a co-maintainer... but I have much to learn about git, version control, and applying patches first :/

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OK, now I'm not entirely sure about this... moving the code fixed the problem on the front page, but now when I go to single node pages on the site, the sidebar drops down below the content again... I have no idea why this is happening, I may have a corrupt node/bad node code somewhere. I'll look further into the problem and see what I find...

Here's what I know... assistance in figuring out why this situation occurs would be greatly appreciated, just trying to determine if this is a legitimate Omega 1.x bug or not an issue with Omega at all?

I've tracked the issue down to the front-page DIVs not nesting properly when the front page is is set to mysite.com/node.

If I create a page-front.tpl.php with the </div><!-- /#main-wrapper --> AFTER the $sidebar code, the front page is fine, sidebars are nested and layout properly. I'll then leave the original Omega page.tpl.php file as-is to run the rest of the pages on the site.

So, I've got a workaround in place that is working for my purposes, I'm just thoroughly confused as to why moving that single line after the $sidebar code is needed for the front-page only? The original "bug report" does still apply, but only for the front-page if your site front-page is set to mysite.com/node.

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I've found this also occurs at mysite.com/blog, so it appears this condition exists on node listing pages. Thanks again for your time.

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Oh dear Lord, I've finally found the issue - it was indeed bad node code. A user had copy/pasted from Word with Full HTML, which made the layout go haywire, closing this issue.