This issue was reported by @adrinux in #1011178: Support the 'drush make' command:

It's not just about the make bug that was fixed, I'm arguing that it's just not good to have make files that auto run, at least at this point (changes in drush_make could make that moot).

What if I want to use a different version of CKEditor itself? Maybe there is a bug I need to avoid and it's fixed in the dev version of CKEditor, for example.
Right now I can specify the version I need in my make file, but the ckeditor.make will override my choice. And AFAIK there is nothing I can do about that. (Well, I can fork ckeditor and change the name of the make file, or manually install it. Not good.)

And if ckeditor.make breaks, it breaks the whole platform build.

Until drush make allows us to override all other make files in our own make files, having them auto run is a bad idea.

So I would again ask, can we please change the name of the make file to ckeditor.make.example? For the sort of people that use drush_make having the make file example is helpful, and it's no big deal for them to copy it over to their own make, keeping it as ckeditor.make takes away the power and flexibility of drush_make.


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I change file name and commit it to GIT.

Please check the latest dev release and let me know if you notice any poblems with it. Remember to clear Drupal cache and browsers cache before testing.


Thanks! And just before I committed changes to my make file too!
It would be nice if drush_make allowed you to override these sub make files from your main make file, but until then I think this is the best path forward.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Following #1099748: Fix drush make error when building a site with CKEditor and this issue, I'm re-opening it and increasing the priority since it is impossible to install the stable version (1.3) of this module in an Aegir's platform using drush makefiles through its standard way.

If I'm wrong, I would like to know how to do it please. If not, a new stable release would help us.


Could drush_make's "includes" directive be repurposed to work on the *.make.example files?

Or how does drush_make build the data structure when it finds sub-makefiles? Does it build each separately, or could it build the whole array first, so that the master makefile could declare a key afterward, overriding the sub-make's settings? (or nullifying them?)

EDIT: Sorry, wrong queue for this question :)

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Why did you close the issue?

I closed it because we prepare new release and I have this ticket marked as fixed. I will check this.

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I think if you release a new stable version it will resolve our issue in #4.

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@J0nathan please open new ticket for CKEditor, drush module and Aegir's platform problems. You can also link here the new opened ticket (and of course link this ticket in the new one). Please remember that drush doesn't see ckeditor.make.example file until you change its name to ckeditor.make .
I close this issue.