Fieldsets in D7 don't get the element id, I am using some code from your great theme (the fieldset stuff is great) but I needed fieldset id:

$vars['attributes']['id'][] =  $element['#id'];




This breaks FAPI #states settings since it needs the ID of the fieldset, which doesn't get written out.


this may be better. not sure

$element = $vars['element'];
element_set_attributes($element, array('id'));
$vars['attributes'] = $element['#attributes'];

Attaching a patch that solves this problem. It restores both id and the class .form-wrapper, both of which are necessary for states.js to operate correctly on fieldsets.

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Patch attached.

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This is most definitely a bug; changing status to reflect such.

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Modified the patch to check for the existence of $element['#id'] before attempting to apply it.

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Looks good to me, committed to 7.x-3.x branch. Thanks

i'm sorry but this patch is not commited to version for download available on project page.

Sorry this is not the right place for this issue.

Can anyone help me in disabling the Login link on the home page .(Openpublic Drupal 7).


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.