Curious if this will support Input Formats / Filters -- I just want mine to integrate with WYSIWYG, and I believe that's the best way to do this. The new Rules are great, but not super easy for our staff to edit.

Is it just as simple as adding the filters form element, and a corresponding filter validator?

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hi, please follow
this module is intended to support html e-mail templates with wysiwyg, as an addon for mimemail rules...

Will do, thanks!

Title:Integrate with WYSIWYG with Input Formats for "Send an HTML Email" RuleAdd input filter to HTML message for Rules actions
Component:User interface» Code
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See the attached patch.

Thanks for this issue, Rules is my main use for Mime Mail currently.

How to set input filters and make outgoing mail look nice is one of the most confusing issues in Drupal for me and it seems a lot of users. Thanks for any advancements.

Yes, welp, that seems like it did it, sgabe. Simple as that huh?

Title:Add input filter to HTML message for Rules actionsAdd input filter to HTML message for system and Rules actions
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Committed to the development snapshot.

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