I just discovered that when using subforums, the link that is created to display that a new post is written there is like this: http://forum/53%23new

That does not work very well. =)

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Where exactly?

On the first "forum" page, if you go to /forum.

-- Forum_1
---- Subforum of Forum_1 <-- this one has the broken link when new posts are written.

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This one should fix it. Test and report back.

Shoot, looks like this is broken in D6 as well. Could you shoot this over there once it's settled in D7? I'm not in a position to fix it right now and don't want to forget it. That's a pretty bad bug... Looks like Alpha 5 is going to come faster than I thought. :(


There's more problems here. I noticed you didn't fix the subsubcontainer link in your patch... which got me looking at subsubcontainers... which got me realizing that subsubcontainer aren't calculating child posts... which got me realizing that subsubforums aren't, either. So I need to work on the logic more. :(


Actually... I just realized it's working as intended but how it was intended is problematic. I'm going to start a new issue because this needs to get hashed out before I make changes and isn't quite the same as the bug that was posted here. So let's get that actual bug fixed first and then worry about the rest.


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Ok, so I committed your patch to D6 with the addition of the line to fix the problem in the subcontainer theming. That's useless right now since that will always be 0 but good to have it fixed so it's working when the underlying logic starts working.

Once this is in D7, this issue can be marked fixed. I'm going to go start a new one for the other issue right now.


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I've noticed problems from #5 but it was too late to examine them so I just made quick fix for this issue only.

Committed to D7.

Using the latest D7 snapshot from today I still get subforum links like this: http://forum/53%23new
It does not include the domain name in the link.

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Check date and time of my message and compare to 7.x-dev release. It's not packed yet.
So, patch it manually or wait few more hours.

Aha, I did not really check the date/time beyond the day.. Sorry. The patch when applied does indeed fix the issue. =)

Thank you!

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Thanks for testing it ;)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.