Feeds such as bliptv's rss feed require support for the media namespace to extract the thumbnails.
media_retrieve_xml should parse the namespaced elements as well as the default ones.



I think you need to go into more detail. I don't understand what you mean at all.

As of now media_retrieve_xml can't be used, if you need to access XML namespaced elements.

That is because _media_unserialize_xml converts the tree of SimpleXMLElements to an array. It uses simple casts to do that recursively. But if you cast SimpleXMLElements to arrays, all subelements using XML namespaces will be dropped.

ah yes, i ran into that issue with emfield. what a pita...

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Is this still a valid feature request? Already implemented or obsolete due to the wonders time does?

Many of the RSS modules for D6 haven't been upgraded yet. Some are pointing to Media module to replace it.

Still not sure how this is done, but curious to find out. So getting back to @dddave's point. Is this feature work?

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The XML APIs were removed in #2067517: Can we remove all the XML APIs.