Similar issue to but creating a new issue as requested.

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The controls are clickable, they just look like they're not because the CSS file is not being added correctly in template_preprocess_views_slideshow_controls_text_render.

Here's a patch to fix it:

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This was committed thank you.

I know this may be a silly question. How do I "apply" this patch?

Just use the latest development version.

I totally get that. I just found the code and replaced it as specified. As far as patches go, there's no "installation" per say. Its just replacing the code yourself, correct?

Yep that's correct.

@designerbr - Installing patches on OS X:

If you are using an IDE it might include a tool for applying patches. For example, I use NetBeans and it has an 'Apply Diff Patch' option under the Tools menu. See this post for more:

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