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The Crew Connect module can be used by any site wanting to connect volunteers with specific skills to people who need those skills. It was designed to work especially well as part of a Community Media installation.

The original 6.x Crew Connect and 7.x.1.x branch extended Drupal's core Profile functionality. The 2.x branch requires Profile2.

The process of adding fields to a Profile now mirrors the process for adding fields to a Content Type. Crew Connect simply adds some Views and JQuery UI niceties allowing users to rate their own skills and other users to search for users with those skills. Views Bulk Operation email function enables users to contact other users without exposing everyone's email address.

There is also a My Skills block included that can be displayed on user profile pages. If the user has no skills, it will prompt the user to add them when they view their own profile, but show nothing when other users view the profile.

Getting Started Screencast

On install, a profile_camera select list is added as a Volunteer Profile. You can add as many skills as you want, but the options need to be formatted the same way profile_camera is for Crew Connect to format the field correctly.

1|1 - not interested
2|2 - teach me
3|3 - apprentice
4|4 - journeyman
5|5 - master

You can change what is after the 1-5, but it must be formatted with the 1 - description. This would work as well...

1|1 - leach
2|2 - n00b
3|3 - hack at it
4|4 - RTFM
5|5 - ninja

After additional fields are added you will need to add exposed filters to the om_crew_connect_find View for additional skill before they appear on

To add a field follow these steps:

  1. Go to Structure > Profile types > Volunteer > Manage Fields
  2. Under Add a New Field, enter the following:
    Label: Lighting
    Field name: skill_lighting (the full field name will be field_skill_lighting)
    Type: List integer
    Form element: Select List
  3. At the bottom if the fields UI interface, click Save
  4. You will then be asked for the allowed values for the list:
    1|1 - not interested
    2|2 - teach me
    3|3 - apprentice
    4|4 - journeyman
    5|5 - master
  5. Click Save Field Settings

The remaining settings can be left as the default. You may want to adjust the order of the fields as well as whether the fields are displayed by default on the user's profile page.

To allow your members to search for volunteers with this new skill, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Structure > Views > Crew Connect: Find > Edit
  2. Click Add next to FILTER CRITERIA
  3. In the Search field, start typing Lighting. The list of available filters will be reduced as you type.
  4. Check the checkbox next to Profile: Lighting (field_skill_lighting)
  5. Click the Add and Configure filter criteria
  6. Click the checkbox for Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it
  7. Update the default label from Lighting (field_skill_lighting) to just Lighting
  8. Near the bottom of the form on the right, check the Allow multiple selections option
  9. Click the Apply (all displays) button

At this point you will see a message that *All changes are stored temporarily. Click Save to make your changes permanent. Click Cancel to discard your changes. After saving your changes, you should see your new filter formatted as a slider when looking at

Common Mistakes: Failing to click the Allow multiple selections option will show a select list instead of a slider.

Note: If you are upgrading your site from D6 you need to disable the Profile module and use Profile2 instead.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.