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The following tutorials and examples will help get started with Services.

As time has gone on, many of these samples have fallen severely out of date. I have been attempting to re-classify them to the versions that are appropriate. If you encounter a sample that is version-specific, please edit and move it. If you find that a sample needs tweaks for a version, add that information into the comments and we'll roll it in or make new samples elsewhere.

If you are getting an Access Denied error when running these samples that is probably because finer access permissions were recently added in later versions.

For instance in the Flash 8 example, it loads a node. Using the latest Services (as at 29/5/08) you'll have to also check that 'load raw node data' under 'node_service module' is checked in your Access control for the example to work. Another thing to remember is a crossdomain.xml file in the root directory if your app is communicating with a remote site.

Examples of xml-rpc user.update drupal 7 services

Other possible things to check:

  1. A lot of these examples use the method node.load(), this has changed to node.get() in 1.x
  2. The Permissions have moved to each services own module section. For example instead of 'load raw node data' look under "Node_service module" and the permissions : 'load any node data' & 'load own node data'.
  3. Betweeen Services 6.1 and 6.2, Key Authentication was moved into a submodule which has to be explicitly enabled and configured.

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