Tried to implement the code seen at the link below but can't get it to work. It just kills the page. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


I'm interested in this too. trying to make the first and last class appear on blocks, same as on zen theme.
Thank you for your support.

The issue you are linking to is referring to D5. I think we would do this in a theme preprocess function instead for the blocks in D6 and D7.

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Here is a patch to add first/last functionality to the D7 version, as this is the version I am currently using and thought it would want to be in there anyway! Also included in this patch is the fix for

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Steve, here is a D6 patch too... I have also corrected the indentation - hence the bigger patch!

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This change has been committed for both branches. first/last classes have been added to nodes in the D7 branch too.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.