Just a simple request that you add an .active class to the thumbnail pager. This makes it easier to make nice controls.


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Think it's a bug as js script code is already there but not registered.

Anyway by adding the following code to file "views_slideshow.module"
method "function views_slideshow_views_slideshow_widget_info"

    'views_slideshow_pager_fields' => array(
      'name' => t('Pager Fields'),
      'accepts' => array(
        'transitionBegin' => array('required' => TRUE),
      'calls' => array(

it worked for me.

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It works. Thank you. You missed one closing bracket :)

Heres the corrected code:

    'views_slideshow_pager_fields' => array(
      'name' => t('Pager Fields'),
      'accepts' => array(
        'transitionBegin' => array('required' => TRUE),
      'calls' => array(),

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What a shame, don't know how that happened I did copy & past from my code, anyway thanks @metalinspired.

I'm guessing this is the bug that doesn't make the currently active slide on the pager change as the image cycles?

You are right :)

I am using 7x-3.0-Alpha1 and this fixed the active class on my pager. I am using numbers pulled from global:view result counter. Thanks for the code Monzer Emam and metalinspired.

Is there something else which needs to be done to flag this to go into the next version of the module?

Was able to verify, comment #2 worked for me as well

I'm showing it working in my test instance. The change in #2 is not necessary and really the wrong way to handle this. The pager handles it's own routing. Are you using the latest development release?

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Just in case it wasn't clear. It is working with just using the latest dev release.

I tested on alpha1 release. I'm glad to hear it is fixed on the dev branch, so on the next release, my code will be overwritten.

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My active class issues have been fixed by applying a patch found in this issue http://drupal.org/node/1128930
thanks redndahead

Note that the patch has now been added to the dev version, update to latest dev release and active should be working.

@#12 that patch from #4 in that thread indeed was the solution.

many thanks to #2

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

If you installed Views Slideshow Xtra, remove it. activeSlide a started to work for me. I can see it switching in firebug.

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Checking the 7.x-3.x-dev on 2011-Dec-30 this fix (#2) is not present

No it won't be present as indicated in comment #8, see drupal.org/node/1128930 for the issue which was fixed.

#1128930: If you have a header and bottom pager, they have the same id. has been in dev for a long time and I only have 1 widget in total (a bottom pager) so I don't see how it is relevant to this issue

The active class is still not appearing unless #2 is used, other proposals of how to do this "properly" are welcome

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On second investigation I think my issue has been solved thus: http://drupal.org/node/1426156#comment-5574332

@akamustang, I was just trying to point out that the module maintainer had not wanted to fix the issue in the way suggested in this thread and so you will never see this issue in the change log. Great that your problem is fixed. :)


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This still isn't working. I'm using:

* Views Slideshow 7.x-3.0+18-dev
* jCarousel 7.x-2.6

I've tried various suggestions including #2 but nothing is working to get any kind of *active* class on the pager item.

Since there has been no work on VS since 2012-Apr-24, I'm not feeling confident about finding a fix, but maybe someone has something else they'd like to suggest ;)

I have a workaround for this issue:

1) Install the json2.js in libraries/json to get the advanced options via the VS settings

2) Click on the Slideshow settings in your view

3) Find the "jQuery Cycle Custom Options" section

4) In "Advanced Options", choose "pager"

5) Add this text into the textbox:


6) Click "Update Advanced Option" to add the option

7) Click Apply button

8) Save your view

Once this is done, you will get a class "activeSlide" applied to the "li" elements, e.g. li.activeSlide.

You will *also* end up seeing some numbered links under the pager as well like:

<a href="#">1</a>
<a href="#">2</a>
<a href="#">3</a>
<a href="#">4</a>
<a href="#">5</a>
<a href="#">6</a>
<a href="#">7</a>
<a href="#">8</a>
<a href="#">9</a>
<a href="#">10</a>

I hid them with CSS like:

ul.jcarousel-list > a {
  display: none;

Perhaps there is a better way to do this, but it is working for me so I will call it a day! ;)


it does not work on my site.

I installed the library json2.js. In the Slideshow settings I selected "activePagerClass" and in the textbox I add the class of my divs "views-slideshow-controls-bottom" or "views-slideshow-pager-item-field." But, I don't see the "activeSlide" class in the code of my page.

I'm using version 7.x-3.0 Slideshows +18- dev.

Thanks for your help.