I think it would be hand to either list as one entry or multiple the install libraries and version just as info. I see most library modules did/do that before/after libraries integration and seems to make sense.


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mmm, integrating with hook_requirements() is a different "UI" in my book. Exposing the libraries and versions of (certain?) libraries on the Status report page, possibly including version dependency mismatch handling, is a bit different to an installation/configuration/overview UI.


The patch I had over at #819610: Provide a UI for Libraries (and just re-rolled) implements sort of a Status report page. So I don't know if that rather belongs over here, or whatnot.

If anything libraries could simply add a single (or one for each failure) requirements for libraries that fail, just so it says go check status page which can then be a link to the libraries UI. Rather then duplicating the UI on the status page?

Hmm... what about WYSIWYG API? It registers like 5 (or whatever) libraries, but not all of them need to be installed.
I guess this calls for some sort of dependency handling...

Is there an issue for
libraries[] = foo
for module .info files?