Since installing the Danland theme, the slideshow has not rotated images. I have checked the code to make sure the was not commented out, and I have tried changing the effect to one listed in the documentation, but nothing has worked so far. My site: marketing.proteamsites.com



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The Danland slideshow is work fine, please clearing the cache.


The slideshow is not working fine. I have tried clearing cache, I have tried work-arounds for loading javascript, I have tried installing on different sites, etc. My customer needed something quickly, so I ended up just creating my own slideshow through Views to take place of the original slideshow.

I'm having the same issue. The slideshow was working, and now it's just stopped.

Title:Slideshow not rotating images[solved]Slideshow not rotating images

Turns out I had moved the

<?php print $scripts; ?>
line to the bottom of page.tpl.php to fix another issue. Soooo many things to consider with module interrelationships in Drupal...

Title:[solved]Slideshow not rotating imagesSlideshow not rotating images

Sorry. Shouldn't have marked it solved. Not my issue...

Version:6.x-2.1» 7.x-1.0

i have the same problem as Skidz
the slideshow was working with my pictures
i've modified these pictures and now the slideshow doesn't work
i download "danland" 2 days ago

ps : i'm french so excuse my poor english

I have the slide show working in IE but not Chrome? Any ideas?