"Change order to ask for title field first.

Autofill description based on title."

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in block, title isn't a required field. should not ask it first.

Yes, we should ask it first - even though it is not required. It is likely that people who need the functionality of "no title" are further down the learning curve, thus will explore that it's not required.

There is no convention that, title fields when not required should not come first. It's still the first thing most users think of.

Additionally I feel display settings, like showing or not showing a title should be handled differently - than not filling in one. We should have a consistent way for doing this.

but Desp is the TITLE when it on backend block admin page.

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I agree that the title should come first. It makes logical sense, and is consistant with other areas of the admin interface. Just because it's not required, should mean that it moves in the interface. There is no red star to denote the fact that it's not required. Patch attached.

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Patch looks solid, motivation in #2 is spot on

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Ok, just figured out git format-patch - here a nice version! (exact same code changes)

The original report is a bit too basis, it was unclear to me which screen this is about. But yes, we should switch these fields around:

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Committed to 7.x and 8.x. Thanks.

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