How do i configure Mollom API Keys my Status Report Shows:

Mollom API keys Not configured
The Mollom API keys are not configured yet. Visit the Mollom settings page to configure your keys.




Further to my comments above there is no Mollom settings page where i can put my API Keys



OK i reinstall the module and it seems to have removed the comments on the status report!



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Not sure what went wrong for you, but it looks like re-installing the module resolved the issue.

Out of curiosity, did you initially install the module with 3rd-party tools like drush?

No but thanks for the responce



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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

I had the same issue: "Mollom API keys Not configured" error and no UI for entering the keys.

Disabling and re-enabling the module did the trick for me.

I have the same issue, and also tried disabling the mollom and enable, but the issue is not resolved. Any alternative to walk around this problem.

If you are on Acquia's Drupal Gardens, then the API key configuration has been intentionally removed on that page by Acquia.

If you are not, and the entire settings page of Mollom module is missing, then you are likely experiencing this Drupal core bug, for which core developers need more debugging information:
#1241488: Module pages, menu paths, settings page missing after module installation

I'm having the same issue on Drupal 6.22, with Mollom 1.16.

I followed the link to #1241488 and tried disabling Views (and all its dependents), then enabling Mollom as it suggests, but that did not resolve it.

If I go to admin/by-module, Mollom shows up but only Configure Permissions and Get Help are available.
I'm logged in as admin.

This is a complex site with a lot of modules installed. I'm also having the same problem with Backup and Migrate.

If this is not the right place to seek help on this issue, please direct me to the correct place.

Since, as you mentioned, it also occurs with another module (Backup and Migrate), the place to follow up is:

#1241488: Module pages, menu paths, settings page missing after module installation

I had the same problem with version 7.x-2.1.

I used drush 5.4 to download and enable the module.

To resolve the issue, I uninstalled Mollom and re-installed it manually.

same issue with Mollom, Drupal 7.15 and drush 5.4.

To resolve the issue, I disabled and then re-enabled Mollom manually.

Version:7.x-1.0» 7.x-2.2

drupal 715
latest drush, same scenario.

reports that "The configured Mollom API keys are invalid."

any thoughts?

I've turned off the module, turned it back on...

I'm about to manually uninstall it, and manually install it, to try and see if that fixes it. Why would drush break it?

Title:Mollom API keys Not configured Mollom API keys Not honored
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same issue here with latest drush and drush -y dis mollom && drush -y en mollom doesn't work and manually enabling from the UI produces the same results.

This is with latest -dev on everything...

Title:Mollom API keys Not honoredMollom settings page does not exist after installing the module
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#15 seems to be unrelated to this issue.

If you cannot find or access the Mollom settings page (and you ensured that are uid 1), then you are likely facing this Drupal core bug:
#1241488: Module pages, menu paths, settings page missing after module installation

That issue is still looking for more debugging information from affected users, since none of the core developers are able to reproduce the issue.

So if you experience this bug (which is not caused by the Mollom module), then it would be great if you could try to supply debugging information in that Drupal core issue.


Title:Mollom settings page does not exist after installing the moduleMollom API keys Not honored
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reopening since I am not experiencing what #15 suggest. My settings page shows but the keys are not honored.

Title:Mollom API keys Not honoredMollom API keys not honored
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@likewhoa: Do you have the latest stable release of the Mollom module installed?

If you do, can you clarify what exactly "not honored" means? What's the exact error message?

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Problem fixed

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.