I use Ecrads modules 6.x-1.9 and, anonymous users are not granted to see: "show format tips" and "show more format tips link" from the Better Formats 6.x-1.2 Module.
The format tips and links are visible for anonymous users.
It seems like the Better Formats-module is not working correctly.
Look at the 2 attached printscreens, it's in Dutch language.

I also use the module "Input Format Permissions 6.x-1.0" for not showing input formats.
And I use all most recent module versions of the other modules.



Title:With Better Formats it's not possible to hide Formatting Guidelines underneath the textarea form EcardsWork with ecard module
Category:bug» feature
Status:Active» Postponed

BF currently only works with the modules listed on the project page.

Thanks fot you're answer.
Do you know where the list of supported modules is on the project page: http://drupal.org/project/better_formats?
I can't find this list on the project page.

At the top of the page in the feature list.

Works with CCK textareas.
Works with Panels comment form.

Thanks Dragonwize for you're answer. I've seen it.
Do you think if there's a possibility that it also Works with Ecards in the future?