As title suggests. Support Google Storage, preferably via API 2.0


Great idea!


Is there a PHP library?

@mr.moses -- Google Cloud Storage would be great, BUT there is no feedback it seems from the developer, it's still in beta, and there's very few sites reporting usage. Not to mention it doesn't seem to work at all, or at least nobody seems to be able to show it as working on a site.

I'm going to be working on adding Google Cloud Storage as an additional service using the PHP class. If I get something working, then I'll definitely post back here.

IF ANYONE has already started working on the above using the google storage class for this module, then PLEASE post progress here. Thanks!

Shameless bump... ANYone worked on this? I'm starting now. I got pulled into multiple other website projects so this had been pushed back multiple times....

Shameless bump #2 ... any progress?