I'm using ET with i18n on l10n_install profile

Right now admin can configure language filter and fallback in 2 different places:
Enable language fallback in /admin/config/regional/entity_translation
Select nodes by language in /admin/config/regional/i18n/select

These configurations do not correctly fallback. For example, if the language is selected as EN and a node is not in that language the fallback system will show nodes in all other languages, including UND. It should fallback only to UND (undefined language), or give option to fallback to any languages enalbed.

Also, filtering nodes for a specific language in /admin/config/regional/entity_translation displays only nodes originally written in that languge. It does not display the translations done on ET. It has to be fixed to display that nodes translated using ET.


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My original language is PT and when viewing in EN I get the content in FR which is the next available one.

Doesn't make sense, I would rather fallback to the original language (in my case, PT).

drupal core: 7.21
entity_translation: 7.x-1.0-beta2

Forget my comment. I solved it by changing the order of my languages in admin/config/regional/language.

Decided to leave it here in case others are looking for the same thing.

this solved my problem

I had a similar situation:
- using Entity translation
- Language fallback was checked
- default language was set to ENGLISH
- on the Entity translation settings page the default language for the node was set to ENGLISH
- content was in ENGLISH and CROATIAN

when looking the ITALIAN page I get the CROATIAN content insted of ENGLISH

even using the Language Fallback module didn't solve the issue, but reordering the list of languages as you said did the job
I don't know, maybe I overlooked this note somewhere but it took me few hours until I find your solution


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It does not solve the issue.

There are 2 places for configuring fallback. Displaying ALL nodes is not fallback.

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One of the places to configure fallback is provided by a submodule of i18n that is not compatible with ET and this is clearly stated in the documentation.

Additionally the OP does not provide any bug report, just a request for a behavior change without explaining what's wrong with the current one.

I really cannot understand what's the goal of this issue, but certainly this is not a bug report atm.