Drupal 6.20.

Enabled OAuth and Autoload, went to /user/1/ and got:

Fatal error: Class 'DrupalOAuthConsumer' not found in /nroc/sites/all/modules/contrib/oauth/oauth_common.module on line 146


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Clearing cache from Drush solved the issue. I'm guessing OAuth relies on Autoloader to load that missing class, and the code ran before Autoloader had a chance to load the class.

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Thanks for reporting this! I think this is a duplicate of #1141658: autoload cache not cleared during install - right?

Hmm - looks like it could be.

When I go to either “View my account” or “Edit my account” I get a blank white page with the following error, “Fatal error: Class 'DrupalOAuthConsumer' not found in /thepath/sites/all/modules/oauth/oauth_common.module on line 146”, even after clearing the cache with Drush it still throws the error.

I have exactly the same problem. And it was after I installed the new versions of a few modules, including OAuth. I didn't tried Drush, but I think it will not solve the problem.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

You have Autoload 2 installed? And you have cleared the cache?

Not yet (just got 1.4). I'll try and give you a feed back here. Thanks!

You need to use Autoload 2.x

So, I've installed the 2.1, cleaned all the cashes, and still I got the same line of error, and I can´t access the user's page.

Any ideas?


And you are on OAuth 6.x-3.0-beta4?

No. Just 6.x-2.1
I don´t know if there's something to do with it, but I still didn't upload the drupal core to 6.22

Thanks for all the help.

Ok. Now I don´t know what to do... :(
I made the upload to the drupal core 6.22 and still got the error.

Try the latest dev-release of the OAuth module. If that doesn't help I'm afraid I don't know what else we could do - I can't replicate this problem. If you continue to see an issue then open a new issue - the one this was originally about should have been fixed.

Ok, thanks! I will try that.

Still nothing... Made everything a noob on coding could do. :(

If someone figured out how to solve, please tell me. I have people subscribing my website, and they can't access the reserved content because of that.

Thanks Voxpelli for all the help man. :)

Update: for anyone who is interested on this, I solved the problem uninstalling the OAuth and Autoload modules. Problem fixed.

I fixed this problem by upgrading to this version of autoload. It was necessary to run update.php afterwards. http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/autoload-6.x-2.1.tar.gz

#18 fix the problem for me.

Thanks @glass.dimly!