Is it possible to create a minicalendar block where the user could click on the Month Title (i.e: June 2011) to see the full calendar?
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I need some more information:
How would your mini calendar look like?

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Hope this helps making it clearer...?


It is possible but you will need to code some stuff yourself :)

1) Place the fullcalendar as a block in the sidebar.
2) Place the same calendar as a page somewhere on your site.

3) Now comes the scary part

- Create your own module that makes the title clickable through jquery, by inserting an tag
- You can link to the big calendar by appending ?year=xxx&month=x to the calendar link. You have to build that link yourself.

for example fullcalendar?year=2012&month=1 will bring you to januar 2012.

See for an example of a mini one. aspilicious is right about making the title a link being tricky. Not sure if it's worth trying to expose an option for that?

Something like how Calendar works, where if you've got a block display and a page display in the same view, the block will link to the page display with the appropriate arguments (month/day clicked) would be nice.

Hi, I would like to see a block version of this also. I much prefer the way "Fullcalendar" looks and works to the way "Calendar" does.

"Calendar" =


There is a block version, because you can place the calendar in a block and style it
Is a fullcalendar calendar.

I agree there is not an out of the box solution that looks good. But the fullcalendar plugin we use isn't made for such a use case.

Sorry, I don't know how to place it in a block.

On top of your fullcalendar view settings you can add a display: Add ==> block

If you go to structure ==> blocks you can find the new made block.

can you tell me how to get the calendar block to not display the whole title and time? like the example you gave?

also is there a way to have the links go to a custom view for that day?


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Another example:

It will require custom CSS beyond the scope of the module.

But how do you hide the title ?
I am looking for this features too …

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I didn't make that website, I will ask those who did to share their approach.

I am in a shame but I don't know how to theme with the link you added.

understandable but this is an advanced theming request you're asking for. There isn't a simple answer...
You need a combination of custom css and js. The link I gave you is a start.

Really thank you to answer so quickly.
I will try to make this "combination".

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I'm closing this, if I hear back from that site's designer, I will open a new feature request.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Title:Is it possible to create a minicalendar blockProvide minicalendar block that links to the calendar page
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I was looking for something better than Calendar.
This module seems promising, the ability to set the start / end time by dragging is amazing.

However, this is a really missing feature.
I hope it will be taken into consideration

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Any news to this? I'd really need a mini calendar in the footer, but can't really accomplish this now.