During development I've been saw that Drupal.behaviors.rubik have such jquery selectors that does greatly slowing down javascript execution of the page. I've been test it on IE 8 (in example) - browser suggest to stop slow script, and the slow script was rubik.js.


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Here is the patch which seems are going to fix this problem

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First patch has an error

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Better status. I clicked around a bit and didn't see any new problems, but I didn't do a full test and my js-foo isn't good enough to be able to critique the patch much.

I just noticed this as well. I have some custom code that runs an $.ajax() on link click and returns a true or false. Switching from Garland to Rubik caused the response time to go several multiples of the ~100ms it was taking in Garland.

I applied the patch in #2 and noticed positive improvement.

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Is this a problem in 7.x?

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Downgrading until we know this is an actual problem on 7.x.

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I have a simple syntax patch, but other than that everything seems fine in 7.x I would propose to close this issue.

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Looks straight forward enough.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.